Tips For Buying A Baby Blanket


Whether you are buying for yourself or an expectant friend, buying a baby blanket should be a fun process. However, because this is a baby you are buying for you of course want to make sure you get the right one and get a blanket that is going to be safe and suitable for the new bundle of joy. There are more than enough blankets to choose from and with a few helpful pointers that should help you find it easy to make the right decision.

The first thing to think about when buying a baby blanket is how much money you have to spend. Come up with a basic budget for yourself. This helps narrow the selection some baby blankets are surprisingly costly and gives you a starting point. It really depends on whom you are buying for as well. If you are buying for yourself or someone dear to you, you probably want to spend a bit more money whereas if it is for an acquaintance or a gift for a coworker or someone you are not particularly close to, you do not have to worry about spending too much and can get a less expensive blanket.

The color of the blanket is important when buying for a baby. If it is a boy, you may want to stick with a boyish color such as blue or green, whereas if you know it is a girl you can get pink, yellow or another bright and pretty color. On the other hand, if the sex of the baby is unknown, you may want to stick with a unisex color such as green, yellow or white.

Also, think about the size and dimensions of the blanket. There is nothing worse than getting a blanket home to find out it is much larger or smaller than you were hoping for. Especially if it is not for a newborn, you want the blanket to be a bit larger so it will fit comfortably over the baby. You should see the measurements of the blanket listed clearly on the packaging. If the package is zipped or buttoned the best idea is to take the blanket right out of the packaging to see exactly what size it is.

With these pointers in mind you can enjoy yourself when shopping for a baby blanket and feel much more comfortable choosing one. Baby blankets are a staple for any new parent and this is the perfect present for you or someone you know who is having a baby.


Source by John Espinosa