Things You Can Put In Organza Bags for Wedding, Baby Shower, Or Party Favors


They say great things come in small packages. This may well be true with party favors placed in organza bags. There are a lot of items that you put inside small bags that makes for a memorable and special favor. There are a lot of favor bags and gift wraps available but organza bags almost instantly make any gift or favor more elegant.

Almost any small item can be placed in organza bags. As long as the items fit, or do not have any sharp edge in them that will poke out, they are generally safe to be placed in these bags. Shakers, shot glass, or candies – from the edible to the practical – you can use any small item as a favor. Here are some of the most popular favors that are best placed in these bags to make them look and feel more special.

– Almonds – These nutty treats make for good favors for people of all ages. Both kids and adults would enjoy receiving these in their favor bags. Coat them in sugar or chocolate and you instantly have a tasty favor treat.

– Chocolate – An all time favorite, chocolates are always appreciated whether given as gift or a favor. Due to its size, you can put at least 4-5 pieces of these sweet treats in one bag.

– Keychains – Personalized keychains do make good favors and instead of just plainly giving them, you can put them in organza bags instead.

– Compact mirrors – Compact mirrors make for a great practical favor. Instead of using regular boxes, you can use these bags as the compact ones will already fit in the bags.

– Soap favors – These makes for an elegant and fragrant favor when placed in organza bags. Opt for the smaller soap favors that can easily fit in organza bags.

There is no limit to the type of items you can place in bags – you just have to think of the preferences of your guests, your budget, and the size of the favor, and everything will go well. Giving favors are always a treat, and when your guests see that you have made the extra effort and gave more time just to make it special, it makes all the difference. Most importantly, make the selection of the favors a lot of fun instead of a boring chore. Have your family or somebody else help you place the favors inside the bags.


Source by Criss White