The Fit Way to Woman’s Health


Traditionally fitness, muscle building and gym work outs have been seen as an all male activity. But lately the hype over a healthy lifestyle and fitness in the society today has led to females jumping in on the bandwagon as well. However it is important to note that men and women have different needs when it comes to fitness.

While most men tend to focus on muscle building when they hit the gym, women on the other hand concentrate more on weight loss. Most women fitness exercise focuses on the upper back and also the stomach muscles, especially those who have just given birth. It is important for women to work on toning their overall muscles and strength training.

Below are a few things that women can take into consideration when building muscle strength.

1. With a strong body, day to day activities will be easier. Be it chores, lifting children, going to the market or even doing the laundry. This will no doubt reduce possible straining of the muscles which could lead to unwanted injury.

2. Strength training can aid with losing fat. If done 2 to 3 times a week for the span of two months, you gain two pounds of muscles which would mean losing approximately 3.5 pounds of fat. More muscles mean less fat. Thus increasing your bodies metabolism to burn calories.

3. Fighting osteoporosis. Weight training increases spinal bone mineral density which aids against preventing osteoporosis.

4. Weight training also improves cardiovascular health. By keeping your heart active, it helps lower bad cholesterol and blood pressure. Not to mention, it also improves the glucose use in the body by 23 percent thus decreasing the risk of diabetes.

Many women associate weight or strength training to having big bulky muscles but rest assured that is not always the case. This could be the road to a much healthier you. Not only does it give you a healthier body, but it develops a healthier attitude in life. Women who engage in regular training are more confident and positive towards the things they do.


Source by Max Damier