Taking Care of Juicy Couture Diaper Bag


Juicy Couture diaper bag provides mommies an alternative to discreetly carry their bags without even noticing it has diaper in it. So, if you are a classy mommy in search for just as classy a diaper bag to carry with you on baby’s day out, then this designer brand is perfect for you.

Juicy Couture offers you a wide array of style each with different qualities that exudes quality and elegance. Amongst of the popular choices are as follows:

Black Couture Stroller Bag

This particular Juicy Couture diaper bag is probably the most famous in the line of stroller bags. It is made from black vinyl with a blend of tonal canvas trim which features front flap and zip pouches. There is another additional wrap-around pocket, and a hanging plate with a sign that says “Nice Babies who Like Stuff” in a Juicy style font.

Over-sized Velour Juicy Tote Bag

This huge JC bag is a great option for mothers with a bubbly baby boy. It is equipped with a top “Juicy” sign, which is perfect for a fearless man. This brown velour bag is highlighted with its espresso trim with studded cream top handles. The adjustable shoulder strap comes with a “Juicy” print featuring a standard lobster clasp for added comfort and weight capacity.

Pink Velour Tote

This pink-colored Juicy bag, on the other hand, is feminine and adorable. It has studded quilted velour that comes with a rich chocolate leather seam and silver tinted hardware. The exterior of the bag shouts “Enfant de Juicy” as well as “Couture Baby” written in traditional Couture style.

Those are only three of the most popular Juicy Couture diaper bags available in the market. This designer bag is crafted with utmost standards and quality. If you plan to purchase one but you are not aware of how to take care of it, then here are some tips on tending your Juicy Couture bags.

If your baby suddenly throws up on your velour bag, you can wipe off the vomit with the use of a damp cloth. Dab the spot first then gently clean it in circular movements. Then, place it in a spot with enough ventilation and allow it to air dry. If there is a stain, you will need a professional to help you. Bring it to the laundry shop and have it dry cleaned.

Nylon bag, on the other hand, is simpler to clean with the same procedure as the one above. Ideally, you should take it to the dry cleaner if there is a massive spillage that can’t be controlled. But that happens rarely. You only need to take care of your Juicy Couture diaper bag with utmost concern, and there is virtually nothing to worry about.

In the end, what really matters is that you are equipped with the needed equipment for that baby’s day out you have been yearning for. Being discreet is just a bonus. After all, what do you really need a Juicy Couture diaper bag for if not for your baby?


Source by Melissa Deschamps