Steps to Check a Poopy Diaper


Leaving the baby in a poopy diaper for excessive hours may lead to rashes. This is why it is very important for parents to always have an alert whether their babies have a poopy diaper or not. Here are some steps to check for a poopy diaper.

First and for most you must smell the surroundings and make sure the smell is not some deodorant or any random gas. If you happen to smell something unpleasant, this is where you need to examine the diaper your baby is in. If your baby has a poopy diaper, the back side of the diaper may look a little bit saggy and puffy. Next, check the baby’s leg area and find out whether there is some discoloration around that area. Green and brown are not the colors that you want your baby’s leg to have.

If you happen to feel suspicious but you haven’t noticed anything yet, the next step is to smell the baby’s backside. Yes, it may sound funny but this step is what most parents normally do. Some parents may also offer to share this great experience and may as well assist you in this procedure. What happens if you are having a bad flu and your nose doesn’t function well?

What happens if no one is around you that are willing to smell your baby’s poo poo. This is where you need to do the “Pull and Peek” step. The “Pull and Peek” step only requires two simple steps. Which are pulling the baby’s diaper from the back and peeking from that direction.You can now determine whether your baby has a poopy diaper or not. You may also pull the diaper from the baby’s leg area and check by looking through that direction. There you have it, Poopy Diaper!

Remember not to go around telling people that your baby has a stinky diaper. Next thing to do is of course changing your baby’s diaper. If you already went through all the steps and you never happen to find poo inside his diaper, don’t stress yourself too much, it will happen in a few hours time. Just remember to always stay alert and throughout experience you will gain your instincts


Source by Max Damier