Some Tips On Baby Cots And Safe Sleeping


The first thing parents think about is the safety of their child. Normally when the baby is awake people watch out and take precautions. But when the baby is asleep, safety is also an important matter. Here are some tips for you.

What to look out for when your baby is asleep

It is very important to know the temperature of the nursery. The nursery should be a pleasant 18 ° C for a relaxing sleep. After a nap, it is a good idea to ventilate the room to help keep the air fresh. A cheerful, airy room contributes to a peaceful atmosphere. A tranquil and relaxing atmosphere for your baby can assist in good sleeping patterns and can even help them remain in their own bed through the night.

A baby crib or a cot

A person will need to make the decision between a cot and a crib. The advantage of a cot is that is can be made cozy and warm for the new baby and can fit easily beside the parent’s bed for the first few months of the baby’s life. A cot is much longer and will allow a child to sleep in it longer before needing to upgrade to a bed. A baby cot will usually allow a child to use it up until about three and a half years of age.

Sheets or a sleeping bag

The next choice is whether to use sheets or a sleeping bag. A quilt can be unsafe for babies because they are not yet able to regulate their body temperature and can become overheated. It can also be dangerous as they can become tangled and suffocate underneath the quilt. A sleeping bag is a better alternative since they come in all shapes and sizes. They also come in different thicknesses and will keep a baby warm without the child becoming tangled up in it.

A few more tips that can help you

Many babies are easy to engage and a bright smile can create an instant change from sleepy to happy and bubbly. Try to avoid eye contact when putting your child to sleep so that they remain quiet and tranquil. A familiar hug, with the familiar smell of the parent, can be a relaxing and comforting action to help a baby sleep. Some babies will fall asleep independently but some will struggle to fall asleep.

If your baby cries do not get up immediately. Sometimes babies cry in their sleep and some babies will stop crying if no one attends to them immediately. If the baby continues to cry do not wait until it becomes upset as it will take longer to help them calm down so they can return to sleep.


Source by Ben Schrijver