See How Easily You Can Keep Your Lingerie Looking New


First, you should read the care instruction label on the lingerie carefully before first time wash; generally, the best way is to wash it by hand in cold water with gentle liquid soap (hand washing liquid) or baby shampoo; do not twist or wring the lingerie as it may cause creases/ wrinkles and extra gentle care needed when washing lace lingerie. Avoid wearing rings with sharp objects that can snag or pull the threads out when you rub the sleepwear. Hang it to drip dry in shade (the lingerie’s colour will last longer that way).

If the instruction advice is that your lingerie should be dry clean only, you should follow it strictly, otherwise the fabric may be shrunk or stretched out and the lingerie will be ruined.

To machine washable lingerie (as recommended on the label), you should put your lingerie in a mesh bag (you can find the bag from a two-dollars shop); wash them together with other delicate clothes and set your washing machine on delicate cycle in cold water.

Never put your lingerie in the clothes dryer because the heat may degrade the fabric.

Do not tumble dry: Tumble drying causes the elastane to degrade and could damage the delicate lace and detailing of your lingerie.

Do not bleach because it will damage the delicate fabrics and will affect the colours.

Do not iron your lingerie UNLESS the instruction says otherwise; for the lingerie that you can iron, set the iron at low level because most of lingerie is made from nylon and will get damaged easily in hot iron.

With special care for your beautiful lingerie, you can keep it in pristine condition for as long as you want it.


Source by Cindy Wydan