Rolling Carry on Luggage – Where and How Do You Shop For Luggage?


Have you ever wondered why rolling carry on luggage shows up under all kinds of different categories at  The list is almost endless.  Among others, you can find luggage under the following categories::

Apparel & Accessories, Baby, Camera & Photo, Computers, Grocery, Home & Garden, Kitchen & Housewares, Sports & Outdoors or Miscellaneous.

Exactly where you begin your search probably says something about

   1. what you seek to transport

   2. how you want to transport it

   3. how you wish to be perceived as the owner of this luggage item.

Who, for example, will be using the Diaper Bag?

There must be a reason why one person classifies it as belonging to the category ‘Clothing and Apparel’, another ‘Specialty Apparel’, and a third person deems it to be a ‘Novelty’ item.

I expect a new dad would purchase a completely different diaper bag than a new mom. Dad’s diaper bag would likely look like a hunting rucksack, whereas mom would either choose something really, really cute for baby or something very stylish, with which to make a fashion statement.

It is fair to say then that the purchase of a luggage item says something, not only about what needs to be transported, but also about the purchaser him or herself.

Price is often the first consideration. The price of an item says something about the buyer’s ability to spend – or not. If the item turns out to be the latest model of the most expensive label, the statement is one of wealth. It can also mean being trendy or up to date on the latest styles.

If, on the other hand, one purchases a less expensive bag, and the buyer adds a little fancy adornment to personalize the item, the statement is one of creativity, thrift and sensibility.

Where we begin our search also says something about our expectations.  If I look for a diaper bag in the Novelties department, a simple diaper bag just won’t do.  The same can be said for people choosing only certain brands or new arrivals.

The existence of so many knock-offs seems to suggest that we would all like to buy the best, or at least give the appearance of being able to buy the best. That’s a very human trait.

Still, have you ever wondered whether the bags we carry are a reflection of our personalities? Is your purse a bulging bag with compartments for everything plus the kitchen sink, or is your purse so small and neat that it barely holds your wallet?

Is your suitcase secured with string, because you don’t trust the zipper anymore, or do you ‘drive’ the latest, Polycarbonate Hardside Spinner?

Is your backpack stacked with the latest packing cubes, or does it look like it’s been to outer Siberia and back on a dog sled?

For some of us luggage is strictly an item we need to help us transport our stuff from point A to point B; for others it must serve that same purpose, but it also needs to make a fashion statement and act as a status symbol.

We relate to our luggage in different ways and therefore determine what it must do for us from different perspectives.

Is there a right way and a wrong way of choosing luggage? Of course not. If you can’t stand lugging the same old thing around for years on end, if you like to have something new and fresh fairly regularly, then by all means, buy something nice but reasonable. If, on the other hand, you appreciate quality above all else and become really attached to certain possessions, then do spend a little more and enjoy knowing you bought the best.

So decide what you need to transport, what will do the trick for you, and go ahead and make a purchase that suits your needs.


Source by Lis Jakub