Pouch For The Little One: Baby Sleeping Bags


Slumber bags or infant sleeping bags are garment like, zipped pouches that serve as a cozy wrap for the baby. These are difficult to shake off, as compared to conventional, cloth-based baby wrapping techniques. In a cloth wrap, babies maintain a stiff posture without free hand or body movement which often results in irritation. Baby sleeping bags, however, provide ample space for stretching, kicking, and other growth oriented movements of an infant.

Material Talk

The sensitive skin of an infant is a deciding factor in the material selection for the baby bags. Taking this into account, cotton is utilized as the filling material and serves a dual purpose. Not only is it baby skin friendly, but it also maintains the body temperature homeostasis.

Temperature Check

The secure enveloping allows for maintenance of an optimal body temperature by preventing excessive loss or accumulation of heat. Therefore, these bags for babies can transform unrest at night or sleep disturbances into long untroubled slumbers. In addition, differences in baby bags insulation capacities cater to the concerns of parents for different seasons as well.

Design And Range

A wide range of color and design availability facilitates shopping for bags for babies. From baby girl pinks to neutral blues – the collection incorporates both genders. Mothers can choose from popular animated figures to beautifully embroidered sleeping bags. The size range also allows for choosing the right body pouch.

Importance of the right size is highlighted by the fact that a tight fitted baby bag can cause stiffness alongside discomfort and an ill fitted one can result in entanglement and discomfort. The latter being a safety hazard where a child may slip entirely into the bag, from head to toe, causing suffocation. Additionally being easily washable, the cleanliness and hygiene of the baby or the sleeping bag is never at stake.

Baby pouches are primarily designed for a peaceful sleep at night. However, they can also be used during the day. Their sleeve openings make it easy to carry a sleeping baby from one place to another. Another advantage to the easily moving and shifting is that the baby feels the security of the baby bag, regardless of the sleeping spot. An infant should sleep and wake up in more or less the same amount of comfort, to attain a sense of security, and these sleeping bags for babies serve as a constant source of security. Therefore, families can move around easily with this mobile bags for babies.


Source by Jimmy Prior