Petunia Pickle Bottom Backpack – Having One Means Never Sacrificing Fashion For Function


The Petunia Pickle Bottom backpack style diaper bag makes a fashionable accessory for any new mom. They’re sturdy, durable, very functional and let’s face it, they look great. Although these are very pretty diaper bags, designer high fashion isn’t the only reason to get one of these.

The Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy backpack is easy to carry with or without the detachable shoulder straps. Depending on the style, each bag has three or four built-in bottle pockets. A removable dirty diaper bag means you never have to worry about messes. Each one also has a built-in diaper changing station and a removable changing pad so you always have a clean place to change baby’s diaper. And don’t forget about the key clip and cell phone holder! The durability of this bag is due to the PVC free glazed fabric.

The boxy backpack diaper bag has become a best seller because of the wall paper inspired designs dating back to the Victorian era. While the designs themselves are reminiscent of the the past, the colors are very bold and modern. Teal and chocolate is currently one of the most popular color combinations. Parents on the go love the versatility of these bags.

The best thing about a Petunia Pickle Bottom backpack is that the designers have anticipated almost every need a new mother could have. From form, to function, to fashion these bags are both modern and timeless in their appeal to parents everywhere. The bold, distinctive fabrics matched with the highest quality craftsmanship proves that you never have to sacrifice style for function.


Source by R Welch