Newborn Babies Need a Large Wardrobe of Baby Clothing


How can someone so very small require all those items of clothing, toys, bottles, and blankets? Before the baby comes along we grab our car keys, a jacket or sweater, a wallet, maybe our cell phone, and head off to wherever without worrying about hiring a truck to bring along all our things! Once that baby is born however, we find a need to bring along much more! Baby needs include feeding and clothing them for just a few hours yet we tend to be prepared for Armageddon as we take them to visit a relative in the next town over. Some of those items we feel necessary to bring along may include but are not necessarily limited to the following:

Sweater or shawl
Undershirt or two
Booties and socks
Cap or bonnet
Sleepers (preferably with the feet in them)
Diapers (maybe half a dozen or more)
Baby wipes
Baby bottles
Baby cereal
Baby spoon (for cereal)
A bib or two
Pacifier to soothe baby between meals

The entire above can fit into a large diaper bag. We are now carrying a baby in his or her infant carrier, a large diaper bag stuffed full of baby clothing and changes of diaper, and enough milk and cereal to feed the kid for weeks. Parents are big on planning ahead! Baby clothing must be soft warm and cuddle some.

A baby may go through several changes in clothing during a typical day because they tend to spit up or leak in some way. Conscientious parents prepare for that by buying plenty of sleepers, undershirts, booties, socks, etc. to insure their baby is kept clean and warm. Of course the best way to acquire all those items and much more is at a baby shower. Friends and co-workers love to give everything from those tiny booties or bonnets to toys like mobiles to hang on the crib, rattles, pacifiers, as well as diaper bags for hauling all those baby items about to the expectant mother and of course family members will always help by donating hand me downs from other children in the family who have outgrown their own. Those outgrown infant items will most likely have very little evidence of wear because they simply were outgrown before much use.

Baby clothing is favored for gift giving when mom brings that newborn baby home from hospital she faces new experiences and exciting events ahead. That tiny infant will be demanding and needy for several years and what is needed most is baby clothing. As quickly as baby grows it is obvious that they will soon be in need of more and slightly larger sized clothing. Softness is important because that tiny infant has really soft tender skin and deserves the best in materials!

Keeping baby warm and cozy is what parenthood is all about at this stage. There will be plenty of time later for teaching and discipline but for now that precious infant is innocent and deserving of all the tenderness his or her parents can give. All those tiny garments will soon be outgrown! If this is your first baby and you expect to add to your family in the future by all means buy good quality clothing that will last through several babies. This is true for children of any age as they continue to grow until they reach adulthood. Families often exchange baby garments when their own child outgrows them and this can be an ongoing occurrence that keeps that family close.


Source by Rob W. Colbourn