Natural Health – Five Reasons to Not Use Common Store-Bought Hand Sanitizer Gels


Common Store-Bought Hand Sanitizer Gels are commonplace in households, health care facilities, women’s purses, Mom’s diaper bags, and men’s briefcases.

Many people are unaware of the downside of using these.

Here are five reasons to not use them and to consider a safer and natural alternative:

1 – They are poisonous if ingested. Isopropanol is used to denature the ethanol in them and isopropanol is poisonous.

2 – If they are ingested either accidentally or intentionally, alcohol poisoning can result. Two ounces of Purell is equivalent to four shots of vodka – it has 62% alcohol in it.

3 – The New England Journal of Medicine published information on the dangers of ingesting hand sanitizers (The New England Journal of Medicine, Feb. 1, 2007; vol 356: pp 529-530.)

4 – They kill all of the bacteria on the skin. It is not healthy to kill all of the bacteria on the skin. Some bacteria help fight the bad bacteria, viruses, and fungus that can make people sick. Not all bacteria are bad!

By eliminating all of the bacteria – our skin is more “naked” than it already is – with lowered protection and lowered immunity.

5 – They can be drying to the skin. It removes all of the natural oil on the skin and can dry it out.

So what are the alternatives if we want to have a healthy, natural and portable waterless way to clean our hands on the run? A new product just on the market – Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier!

Young Living Essential Oil company just came out with this on their Thieves product line. Thieves essential oil blend was tested at Weber State University and found to be over 98% effective against microbes! The Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier has the Thieves blend of essential oils along with aloe and vegetable glycerin and uses peppermint for the denaturing process.

Using this feels like you are putting on a silk glove – and, in fact, it does offer an “invisible” glove of protection. It does not kill all bacteria on the skin, and remember – we don’t want it to!

The wisdom of nature in these essential oils inherently knows how to get rid of the harmful bacteria and other microbes and it respects and leaves the good bacteria on the skin!


Source by Marilee Tolen