Leopard Gecko Chow Time – How to Feed Your Leo


Leopard geckos eat nothing but live, wiggling, hopping, squirming and crawling insects.  When it’s chow time, drop those crickets into the cage and watch them run for their lives!  Your leo will know just what to do with it.

Your Leopard Gecko’s Diet

Leopard geckos live almost entirely on crickets and mealworms.  They can both be bought cheaply at your local pet store, or caught in the yard for free.

Once in a while, you can give them waxworms, small cockroaches or baby mice, but these should be for special occasions.  The last thing you want is a fat, spoiled leo.

Most leos eat every other day, and you can expect to feed them 4-6 bugs.  For babies, give them small mealworms at first, and then graduate them up to small crickets.

Don’t Forget The Vitamins

Just as important to your leo’s diet are vitamin supplements.  You MUST feed them vitamin supplements and there is a great way to do it called “gut loading.”

Gut loading means keeping your bugs for about 24 hours before feeding time, and letting them eat leaves and fruits.  Then, your leopard gecko eats the unsuspecting bugs, and gets the vitamins naturally from their food.

The “Shake And Bake” Method

If you’re not keen on raising bugs, you can powder them before feeding.  The “shake and bake” method of powdering involves putting the bugs into a plastic bag with the vitamin powder, and then shaking until they are coated with it.  Now, feed them to the leos.

You should feed them calcium and reptile multivitamin.  Both are available cheaply at pet shops.  It’s also a good idea to leave a little tray with calcium powder in the cage at all times so they can lick up some vitamin when they want it.

Always keep an eye on how your leo is eating.  This will help to give you an idea if you’re feeding them the right amount.  Sometimes switching from one type of food to another is a good idea to vary the diet a little.  But, be sure to keep to a strict feeding routine.  Don’t spoil your little lizard!


Source by Alex L Jacobs