I Had Intercourse in the Morning and Ovulated Late That Afternoon – What Baby Gender Will I Produce?


I recently received an email which asked about the following scenario. The women trying to conceive had intercourse with her husband early in the morning before he left for work. She suspected that she ovulated later that same afternoon (approximately twelve hours after intercourse.) She wanted to know if this situation made her more likely to conceive a girl or a boy baby. She had not been following any regimen or doing anything special to conceive a boy, but this is what she was hoping for anyway. I will tell you what I told her in the following article.

Guessing At Ovulation: Even though the woman who emailed me knew that there were reliable ovulation predictors available, she unfortunately wasn’t using them. She was counting on the fact that her menstrual cycle was regular and she was assuming that she ovulated mid way through her cycle when she felt what she hoped were “ovulation cramps.” She may well have been right about this, but since she wasn’t confirming this by testing bodily fluids like saliva or urine, there was really no way to be sure. And being even one day off here can really make a huge difference in your results.

Assuming She Were Right About Ovulation, Here’s A Look At The Variables That Might Determine Gender As It Relates To Her Situation: For this mom-to-be to conceive a boy, there are a few things that would help to make this more likely. One of these things is having intercourse following ovulation. If she was right about when her ovulation occurred (and in my opinion this is “a big if,”) then she had actually potentially conceived before ovulation. This is the opposite scenario than you want for a baby boy conception. This order would favor baby girls.

However, since she theorized that had sex only about twelve hours before her egg was released, this is certainly a better time line than twenty four or more hours out. But, without knowing with more certainty when she ovulated, this time line was pretty difficult to guess about. Assuming that she was absolutely right about the egg’s release, her time line was not optimal, but it was not absolutely awful either.

The next thing that I would want to look at was whether she was acidic or alkaline during the day that she conceived. She wrote to me about a week after this event took place. So again, we had no way to know what really occurred on that day. I had her test her acidity with PH testing strips just for fun and she tested as pretty alkaline which was a good thing for her bottom line. For a boy conception, you’re giving the Y sperm (which produce males) an edge if you can make yourself alkaline rather than acidic because this environment is much more favorable.

With that said, we had no way to tell if she was around the same reading on the day that she conceived. This can change based on the foods that you eat and whether you douche and, if you do, with which solutions that you use. Finally, I wanted to look at the sexual positions she had used. You give the Y producing sperm an advantage if you use deep penetration. She estimated that she had used more shallow penetration. So, it was sort of a mixed bag as to which methods she used (without knowing that she should be using any special methods.)

Her timing was sort of neutral. Her acidity was in the right place (assuming that she were somewhere near her current reading on that day,) but the sexual position that she used wasn’t optimal. If you’re being very generous, you could say that she might have hit two out of three variables. But there were so many unknowns here, that we pretty much had to take a wait and see approach. If it turned out that she wasn’t successful in her attempt to conceive and did not get pregnant, then she could use an ovulation predictor the next time to be more precise in her timing. She could also begin daily testing of her acidity and change her diet now, (if this was needed,) to make sure that she was in the right range for the next time. And, she would want to use deeper penetration on her next attempt at becoming pregnant, especially if she was still sure that she wanted a boy.


Source by Sandy Dean