How to Make Playdough – Playdough Recipe and Activities


To be honest I have never had much success with making my own playdough. The few attempts I made the dough was very crumbly and dried out too quickly and so I gave up and would go and buy some.  

I am a big fan of the Crayola brand of playdough, however once I bought another brand and I am still trying to remove that playdough from my house!  It was so sticky that it ended up, in its many bright colours, ALL over my house!

Then one day I went into my son’s nursery and the children were playing with playdough.  It felt and smelt great so I asked the teacher which brand it was so I could buy some.  She amazed me by saying she had made it.  So I decided that it was time for me to try again!

The best tip I can give on how to make playdough is to cook your playdough.  This binds it together and makes it as good if not better than the commercially made playdough you can buy.

So I set to work and made some playdough using the following recipe and it was fantastic.  So no more store bought play dough for us!

You will become the envy of your playgroup when you master the easy skill of making your own playdough. 

I think homemade playdough makes a lovely birthday or Christmas gift especially if you print off the playdough recipe and attach that to the tub of playdough to teach others how to make playdough!

Play dough Recipe

1 cup salt

2 cups flour

4 tablespoons cream of tartar

2 tablespoons cooking oil

2 cups of water

food colouring


1.  Mix all ingredients in the saucepan.

2.  Cook on medium heat for three to five minutes, stirring constantly until the mixture becomes stiff.  

Store in an airtight container (or a plastic bag) in the refrigerator. If stored this way the playdough will last for weeks, even a few months!


Source by Carmen Benton