Free Burning Crusade Heroic Gold Farming Tips


Notes from a hard farming troll trying to feed his troll babies:

Grinding to farm gold and auction house materials gets really boring sometimes. Often times it is the first reason players stop farming and become poor players in World of Warcraft. To break the boring grind players can solo Burning Crusade heroics to make some good gold.

If you want to stop grinding and driving yourself nuts, take a break and pick a challenging heroic dungeon to solo. In TBC, dungeons were made for a group of 5 people to split up the gold. Now with Wrath gear and a level cap of 80, players can solo some of the Burning Crusade dungeons and pocket all the gold for themselves.

How much gold do we make from farming Burning Crusade Heroics?

Running entry heroics like Hellfire Citadel: Hellfire Ramparts, The Blood Furnace, or the Shattered halls a player can make 80-120 gold per run. If you work well, know your class and can take adds well you can finish a run in 15 – 20 minutes. This will run you about 360 gold per hour just from loots.

Once you sell all the greys or put the cloth, disenchantables, and gems on the AH you should net about 450 – 600 gold per hour. Make sure to bring some big empty bags! There are a lot of greys and white to pickup.

Good heroic classes…

The idea class to run heroics would be able to have good crowd control, lots of armor and high dps and health. Paladins, Death Knights and warriors are ideal for this as they have high health, armor, dps, and a few crowd control trips.

Mages, Shamans, Hunters are also good options with a good player who knows their class. They don’t have as much health and armor but makeup for that in good crowd control and dps.

The following Burning Crusade Heroic Dungeons are suggested for Solo farming:

Any Auchindoun Dungeon [Terrokar Forrest]

Any Hellfire Citadel Dungeon [Hellfire Peninsula]

Other dungeons are possible and do yield good gold results, however they may prove to be more difficult and take slightly more time. This will decrease our gold per hour earnings. Deaths should be avoided at all cost since they bring more armor repairs and cost time running back. Reducing deaths is also possible by taking on easier dungeons.


Source by James R DuClos