Breaking Away From the Herd With Lamb Handbags by Gwen Stefani


There is “no doubt” that Gwen Stefani is a woman of many talents. Not only is she a gifted performer, both as a singer and aspiring actress, but a talented fashion designer as evidenced by her expanding line of L.A.M.B. clothes and accessories. The name, by the way, is an acronym for her four favorite words, love, angel, music and baby.

Introduced to the world of haute couture by stylist Andrea Lieberman, Gwen launched her line in 2004, finding inspiration in various styles including Jamaican, Japanese and Guatemalan clothing. While she is known to have made most of the outfits she wore during performances with the rock group No Doubt, her “style” has gained popularity with a number of Hollywood stars including Nicole Kidman and Teri Hatcher, who have also been seen toting L.A.M.B. handbags by Gwen Stefani.

The line, encompassing punk rock fashion combined with an eclectic array of colors and graphics on “classic” shapes includes the “Donegal Ribbon” design, a plaid print with the L.A.M.B. logo screened on top. The “Rasta Ribbon” bag, on the other hand, is bare black bag accented by “Rasta” ribbons and silver “hardware,” while Stefani’s “Pebble Icon” is white with L.A.M.B. stamped in a relief pattern.

Other designs include a camouflage twist, named Lambi Cammi, as well as a full line of small handbags with names like “Small Hella Hobo,”Skinny,”The Baby Barrel, and Small Backstage Bag.”

For those who prefer larger more comfortable totes, Stefani has created “hangbags” with names such as “Over the Top Hobo, Kiki, Toaster, and Backstage Bag,” as well as full-sized totes such as “Tattoo Tote, “The Mega Barrel, Melrose Tote, and Streetwise Messenger.” If these are still not roomy enough, there is always the “Ultra Barrel.” Shaped like a large duffel bag, it was created specifically to accommodate the needs of those who do a lot of traveling.

In addition to carrying Stefani’s handbags, consumers can now fill them up with her ever expanding line of additional merchandise from her Harajuku line including everything from underwear to a camera, as well as her perfumes. Available in five difference scents called “Love, Angel, Music, Baby, and G for Gwen,” they were named after the four Harajuku Girls (her Japanese back-up dancers and tour entourage) and Stefani, herself.”


Source by Pam Matias