Best Educational Toys for Babies


Babies tends to learn faster with what they can play with. So rather than giving them just play toys, it will be wise to provide toys that they can play with while simultaneously educating them and developing early motor skills in your infants. We have selected some toys we found educative that will help improve your baby, engage them and educative them. You will want toys that are colorful and attractive to them while considering longevity.

If you are looking for baby educational toys for babies, we encourage you to go through our reviews to save you the hassles and stress of brainstorming ideas.

Biokido wooden musical blocks

Building block is a way to develop your child’s ability to be creative from an early stage. The Biokido wooden musical blocks is going to help achieve this effectively. It is designed with different and attractive colors loaded with music. It will attract your kid for hours while they try to solve the puzzle. The toy is made from wood and well-polished and painted to look really attractive.


• Loaded with interesting music

• Affordable toy

• More educative

• Helps build early motor skills in your babies


• Toy may not be suitable for newborn babies since its made from wood which may not be safe to bite and chew

• Some customers complains that they would had loved the toy to be more musical.

Little Apps tablet

The world is getting more advanced with technology, so this will just be a good way to introduce your baby to the world of tech. this toy is more of an electronic device which will provide educational knowledge for them. It has a piano keyboard with numerical label on them. The screen is colorful as it changes, it also have alphabetical buttons well arranged in order. All these put together helps your baby to learn numerals and alphabets early enough.


• Babies gets to learn numerals and alphabets early enough

• Contains lots of interactive features

• Loaded with 12 learning activities

• Your infant can use it till age 5


• There are complaints by customers about the poor customer response

• It’s a little expensive, so you need to consider a higher budget

Activity cube play center with light

This is more than a toy. It is an advanced learning toy designed and loaded with lots of fun activities your toddlers will love. It provides an opportunity to learn while having fun. It can grab the attention of your baby for hours. Each sides of the box is educative. Your baby can use the microphone and sing along his favorite music. The steering functions like a real one having great realistic sounds. It also have bright lights that will catch the attention of your baby while having the best fun ever.


• Lots of fun and learning activities to engage your baby

• The music play calmly and softly that both younger and older ones will find interesting

• Your baby can learn how to talk as he mimics the music and sounds with the aid of the microphone


• Your baby might get over stimulated because it’s over loaded with fun activities

First Builders Big Building Bag

For us, this is one of the best learning toys for infant. This toy helps to explore the imagination of your kid and his creativity. It’s just suitable for both sex. Each bags contains lots of building blocks of different sizes and colors. The toy also helps kids to develop fine motor skills. There is just no limit of creativity that can be done with these building blocks. Each bags comes with 80 pieces of building blocks to help your toddler build anything they can imagine. Some kids find it interesting selecting the blocks into sizes, colors and counting them. In fact, it is simply more than a toy.


• Helps build early motor skills in your kid

• Can also be used as counters

• Improve creativity at an early stage

• Contains 80 building blocks with attractive colors


• They are made of plastics with partially sharp edges, so it can hurt if they are stepped upon

• The room can get messy as they play with the blocks

Spinning Lights Learning Hippo

This is one great toy you can’t afford not to get for your baby. This purple toy will teach your toddler numerals, alphabets, objects and other objects. It is loaded with. It also comes handy, so you can take it along anywhere you are going. What a nice way to get your toddler engaged in preschool learning. With educational learning features, games and music, you can be sure to get the best out of your baby.


• Attractive colors your baby will find attractive

• The 50 quiz question helps to develop fine motor skills

• It introduces letters and numbers at an early stage just before school

• It is mobile and can be taken along anywhere


• Just like most musical toys, the music can sometimes annoy older ones

• It can be used by one person at a time

Multifunctional Workbench for Kids

This is one way to teach your toddler how to develop creativity to fix things. The multifunctional workbench is loaded with different tool small enough to be handled by your kids. The box and the tools are multicolored, the tools includes workbench, chainsaw, screw driver, harmer, wrench and electric drill. Of course, there are music and lights to make the lay more fun filled.


• 7 different tools to engage your baby

• 7 musical melodies to keep the play interesting

• Volume control to increase and reduce volume

• It is designed with drawer which is suitable for storing other objects


• Some parents have complained that the toy is basically too small in general, also the shape-shifting toys seems too small for younger babies.

We are certainly confident that you should have found the best and suitable educational toys for babies from our reviews. We encourage that your opt in for toys that will be more educative for your babies so as to develop early fine motor skills and prepare them for early years school.


Source by Akomolafe Tolulope Ayomide