10 Practical Baby Shower Gifts – From Diapers To Maxi Pads


Okay, so my idea of practical baby shower gifts are things that will without a doubt be used, things that serve a purpose, and things that will help Mom, either physically or mentally. Okay, she may not “oooohhh” and “aaaahhh” when she opens your gift, but I guarantee she’ll be thanking you later on down the road.

1) Gift Cards or Cash – This is, by far, the number one most practical baby shower gift. She’ll be able to use it on anything she wants, including more diapers, or special items that didn’t make the gift registry. Personally, I always get excited when I see gift cards or cash, but that’s just me.

2) Diapers – This will also definitely get used! I would suggest maybe a couple different sizes and different brands, that way when it comes time for them to buy more, they’ll have a better idea of which ones they like best.

3) Wipes or Homemade Baby Wipes Kit – Premade wipes are a great baby shower gift, but I love giving out “Homemade Baby Wipes Kits”, mainly because it saves money over a long period of time, and it’s a unique and thoughtful gift idea. The “Homemade Baby Wipes Kit” consists of: 1 tall plastic container, 6 roll package of Viva Paper Towels (the ones that say “like cloth”), 20 oz bottle of Baby Oil, 28 oz bottle of Baby Wash, and a laminated copy of the recipe, which includes:

· 1 roll cut in half

· 2 1/2 cups of hot water

· 2 tbsp’s of Baby Oil

· 1 tbsp of Baby Wash

· Directions: Cut 1 roll of paper towels in half, place one half in tall container. In another container combine water, oil, and wash. Pour over paper towels and cover with lid. After 1/2 an hour uncover and remove cardboard roll from the center.

4) Post-Pregnancy Survival Kit – This is yet another thoughtful baby shower gift. If she’s a new mom to be, she probably won’t understand the importance of one of these, but when she comes home from the Hospital, I guarantee she’ll be singing your praises. A “Post-Pregnancy Survival Kit” consists of:

· Extra Strength Tylenol

· “What To Expect – The First Year” book

· Instant Cold Pads

· Maxi Pads – Several sizes

· Tucks Medicated Pads

· Epsom Salt Soaking Solution

· Lansinoh Cream

· Fuzzy slippers & Chocolate

5) Baby Carrier – This is one of those baby shower gifts that will help Mom mentally! A baby carrier will give her the freedom she needs to get stuff done, as well as the opportunity to get some exercise, which always makes me feel better.

6) Emergency Diaper Bag Kit – I thought this was a great idea. Give Mom a diaper bag filled with everything she may need in an emergency, such as:

· Diapers

· Wipes

· Extra outfit for Baby

· Bottle

· Teething ring, and maybe some teething tablets

· Pacifier

· Infant gas relief drops

· Infant Acetaminophen

· Butt paste

· Bib

· Ready-made formula

· And whatever else you think might be handy – Be creative!

7) Baby Swing – This is one of gifts that will give Mom a break, plus it will be good for Baby too. Personally, I could not have lived without my baby swing, therefore it always comes to mind when I’m thinking of the best baby shower gifts.

8) Humidifier – Humidifiers are great for keeping those little noses from clogging up with dry, crusty buggers. Plus, when Baby gets his/her first cold, Mom won’t feel quite so helpless.

9) Baby Jumper or Baby Activity Center – Obviously this won’t be used for the first four months or so, but eventually it will be a must have baby item. I had one, and I found that my daughter actually slept better when she was able to get some exercise, and since she couldn’t just stand up and go for a walk, a baby jumper or baby activity center was perfect.

10) Munchkin Soft Tip Spoons – I had to put these on the list, mainly because they are, hands-down, the BEST infant spoons on the market. I know what you’re thinking, “a spoon is a spoon”, but that’s just not the case. Believe me, she will love them!


Source by Tasha Franklin