WordPress is the Best Blog Publishing Tool for SEO?

Matt Cutts SEO tips

Last year, WordPress overcame many competitors to become the winner of the Overall Best Open Source CMS Award in the Open Source CMS Awards. It acknowledged a shift in the public perception of WordPress from a blog publishing tool to a full-featured CMS. The most important reason for this success is its SEO-friendly platform, it automatically solves tons of SEO issues that many bloggers might have and makes your blog easily crawlable by search engines.

At WordCamp San Francisco 2009, Google SEO expert Matt Cutts praised:

“WordPress takes care of 80-90% of (the mechanics of) Search Engine Optimization (SEO).”

This really captures principles of why WordPress is so popular especially with casual or newbie bloggers, who are installing WordPress blogs for the first time these days. A blogger can use tools or plugins to get the maximum SEO for their blog – but the mere choice of WordPress hits 80% of the SEO needs and all the other heavy lifting is to get 20% remaining.

Launching a site using WordPress is a good idea if you want your site to be ranked high in search engines. If you’re interested you might want to check out Matt Cutts’ video from the presentation as well.

Here are some of his SEO tips:

  • “We crawl roughly in decreasing order of PageRank”.
  • PageRank is based upon your site being both “relevant and reputable” where the number of backlinks you have shows your relevance and the quality of the sites that link to you shows how reputable you are.
  • When you select the categories for your blog, use titles that are also good keyword search terms.
  • You can have a blog post title being different than the URL itself. That can help in covering a few more keywords that you couldn’t cover if they were both identical.
  • Put your keywords in URL paths: example.com/my-keywords and using dashes is best, underscores is next best and spaces between words is the worst.
  • Matt also shares some tips on the universe of tools: Google Webmaster, Google Analytics, FeedBurner, Google Website Optimizer, Custom Search Engine and Adsense.
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  1. Tuan, I totally agree that WordPress is excellent for SEO and is the currently the best possible, system, especially when people take full advantage of the SEO features of premium themes like Thesis or use plugins like All-In-One SEO pack.

    Thanks for the summary of Matt Cutts’ main points.

  2. Put the intended keyword in categories and URL is really working great for my another blog. I think the power of WordPress’ SEO is in the categories and tag system.

    • That’s great hearing categories work for you. I started optimizing categories and tags after watching this presentation and you comment ensures its efficiency.
      Thanks, Dana.

  3. Tuan, I think WordPress is not only the best blogging tool but also the best CMS tool taking into account both SEO friendliness and also the ease with which you can customize it to make almost any kind of site

    • Thanks for your opinion,
      I tried Joomla on this blog before transfering to WordPress, so I realize that WordPress is the most SEO-friendly blogging tool, Joomla was a nightmare for me. And with the power of free and paid plug-ins, WordPress is lifted to a full-featured CMS for everyone.

  4. wordpress is one of my favorite blogging platform. Not only SEO friendly but user friendly too.. awesome post..

    • Thanks for your comment and retweet, vector graphics.
      That’s great that we can use the best blogging platform for free. At this time, I think no other platforms can be compared to WordPress. :)

  5. Great post. WordPress is really over many other major CMSes in terms of SEO. I’ve been testing quite a lot of features on it. If you’ve got a really optimised template and use the correct plugins available, WordPress will do it all for your SEO. What with the new version and full featured CMS abilities!

  6. that is true iam fond of wordpress it is better than joomla and drupal

  7. yes that’s why i want to tranfer my blogger blog to wordpress

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