What future does Apple have given its latest iPhone flop

The legacy of the iPhone:

The iPhone brand was created by Apple Inc. and was the company’s first entrée into the then new smartphone genre. The first iPhone was released in June 2007 and introduced the world to the first commercially distributed fully fluid, touch based user interface. When it was unveiled, tech geeks gawped in awe as the phone was elegantly designed, and packed the latest in hardware specs of the time, coupled with the absence of a physical keyboard, it was unlike anything the world had ever seen. The phone has undergone various updates over the years, and five distinct generations have been released. These updates have always meant subtle improvements that are not usually apparent, to all intents; all generations of the iPhone mirror each other and have retained the same factor. The software is the only thing that actually bears signs of change, the basic layout and design remains the same.

The latest iPhone; delivering on the hype:

The latest iPhone lineup consists of two seemingly groundbreaking models which have been marketed as brand new. Reality though is quite different; the new iPhones 5S and 5C retain the same dimensions as the outgoing iPhone 5, even the screen sizes and overall form factor is identical. Apple unveiled these models during a presentation ceremony amidst a number of tech journalists and iPhone purists. The flagship 5S, is the most expensive of the two and comes with the all new I7 chip set, which is supposed to be twice as fast as the old one. The 5S also contains the world’s first commercially available fingerprint scanner, which is housed in the former home button; though why Apple went to the trouble of installing it is beyond my comprehension; a simple password or key-lock is more than adequate to use as compared to fumbling around with temperamental fingerprint scanners that might not register properly and end up wasting your time. The new iOs is also presented as being highly colorful, offering a “beautifully simple” and “functional” drop-down styled menu which gives you shortcuts for screen brightness toggle and other features. I for one, do not understand why people are so impressed with Apple for incorporating such a menu; similar features have been available on Android for over 4 years now; so you can hardly say Apple was being original. Borrowing isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but coming from a company that actively sued Samsung for “copying its icons” is a bit rich, to be frank. The double standards at Apple are unbelievable! The 5C is supposed to be the first, “affordable iPhone” even though it costs in excess of $700 without a career subsidy.

The future of iPhone: Smash or Flop?

The future of the iPhone doesn’t appear to be too bright. Android offers you a lot more feature and performance at two thirds of the price you would pay for the cheapest iPhone. That said, there will always be some die-hard fans that will choose nothing else, but the “iPhone” brand no matter how bluntly Apple tries to cash in on its image; an image that tarnishes with each iPhone generation because there really isn’t anything new on offer.

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  1. The main prolem of this flop is arriving competitive android mobiles cheaply. Apple even not reduced the their smartphones starting price. The new 5s little more budget friendly

  2. Android is giving better option then iphone even most of apps are free for whom iphone charge.Android has many application which compete iphone.So if iphone does not bring any revoultionary tool then it will be difficult for him to survive the market.Nokia microsoft deal is an example.

  3. Android may be offering more features but its not that secured and fast as iPhone. User experience of iPhone is always a plus thing to look at which Android is still starving for. I got iPhone 4S and Nexus 7, 4. But prefer using my iPhone more than those two.

  4. nice post

  5. Hello Gloria,
    Yes i agree with you, iPhone is very costly, in market many android phones available with cheap rates and they are providing same features like iPhone features. Many people not interested to put large amount on mobiles, people selecting phones in cheap rates with good features.

  6. I think the latest iPhone 6 and 6+ are more of a flop and they are nothing more than what android has already offered back in 2013. To get back it’s position Apple will have to lead the innovation as they did with the introduction of iPhones

  7. Apple is big company in the mobile industry and they are working with many beautiful design of mobile device. I love the way how they design the device.

  8. Hello Gloria
    Apple\’s future will be brighter than now due to its best in class feature and design well every one of us knows the truth of cheap phone. We all need security, good performance, and most importantly the brand name that we won\’t get in cheap phones.

  9. Excellent post.thank you

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