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Smartphones have been around for a while! One of the first phones to popularize the smartphone trend was the Palm Treo. Many early adopters gravitated towards the Treo. It was one of the first phones to included email capabilities along with phone functions. However in 2007 the smartphone market was turned upside when Apple introduced the iPhone in 2007 and completely changed the market.

Apple iPhone a Game Changer

There are three reasons why the iPhone changed the smartphone marketplace. First, it was a completely touch screen phone. Previous smart phones like the Palm Treo and Blackberry Curve all came with a physical keyboard.

Another reason that the iPhone revolutionized the smartphone market was its ability to let developers build programs (better known as Apps) for the phone, which allowed the end users to buy and download the programs that they wanted for the phone.

Lastly was the processing power of the phone. No previous phone had the processing power of the iPhone.

With all these key features in the iphone came the hefty price tag.

Top Smartphones under $200

Over the years as early adopters and the affluent snapped up iPhones, many were left out especially those searching for smartphones under $200. When Google released the Android OS it created a competitor for the iPhone and finally allowed companies to build an affordable smartphone, which was also helped by falling component costs. As a result we now have Smartphones that retail under $200 such as the following:

Nokia Lumia 520 – The Lumia 520 was released by Nokia and is powered by Microsoft Windows 8 Mobile Operating System, the phone has GPS, a 5 MP Camera and a Dual core 1Ghz processor The downside is that the screen quality is not up to par and the phone does not support the new fast cellular LTE networks.  The Lumia retails for $199 without a contract and with a contract can usually be purchased for less than $50 depending on the carrier.

Huawei Ascend G300 – The next on our list is the Huawei Ascend G300. The phone is completely touch screen, the screen size is 4 inches, it runs on the Android OS, has a 5 MP Camera, 4 Gigs of internal memory with a slot of an SD Card along with a 1 Ghz A5 processor. The downside is that videos don’t play very well on the phone and the keyboard has given some people issues.

Aldi Medion E4002 – Lastly on our list is the Aldi Medion E4002 phone, it comes with a 1GHZ dual core processor, a microSD slot for 32 Gigs of external memory, dual sim, built in GPS and is powered by the Android 4.1 OS. The phone retails for $149. The downside is limited availability as it is only sold through the Aldi’s stores. However if your near a Aldi store its worthwhile to check the phone out.

As the price of smartphones have come down, people no longer need to shell out big bucks in order to get a quality phone, that has many of the top features that are found on phones like the iPhone 5 or the Samsung Galaxy.

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  1. Hey,

    I am using HTC.It have good application but i am not happy with it’s internal memory.Can u suggest me any phone under $200 which are available in india except lumia.


  2. How about the Samsung?

  3. How about the O+?

  4. Hello Harold,
    Thanks for sharing this great article. I am using Samsung Galaxy series. It has impressive features. I don’t know about Nokia Lumia. Is it really good?

  5. I am using HTC.It have good application but i am not happy with it’s internal memory.

  6. Great post, but I think Galaxy Y and Galaxy Ace should also be in this list. What do you say?

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