Samsung Launches ‘Wallet’ Coupon Management App to Rival Apple’s Passbook

Wherever Apple treads Samsung will not be far behind. The company has just announced the Samsung “Wallet” app which is supposed to be very similar to Apple’s Passbook. It is a tool that facilitates online payments and purchases with mobile devices.

The features of Samsung Wallet

The app allows users to store details of their credit cards, debit cards, gift cards and loyalty cards that can be used or redeemed whenever required. This is done through a unique coupons management system that smoothes the payment process. Some of the app’s capabilities are:

  • It scans and verifies barcodes,
  • It automatically sends push messages to notify users the location of nearest stores that accept your Samsung Wallet card,
  • It verifies and authenticates online as well as offline purchases through backend tech support,
  • It scans your transaction details and forwards the information to third-party payment facilitators for redemption.

Where Samsung’s coupon management app is useful

You can use Samsung Wallet coupons for most of your day-to-day purchases. It is can be used in all the major supermarkets and multi-product stores. The “virtual card” can be used in local businesses as per your location. It is acceptable in hotels, restaurants, retail stores, etc. You can even use the Wallet to purchase apparel and fashion accessories in malls and shopping arcades. The app covers most of your shopping needs. You can obtain your airline boarding passes too with Wallet.

A scene in fast-forward:

You are looking for a supermarket that sells all varieties of Chinese sauces and you don’t know which one is the nearest. You are using the Android based Samsung Galaxy S IV and have the Samsung Wallet app loaded. You have also registered a Visa debit card for all your online payments. Now you can use the app to:

  • Locate the closest supermarket in the vicinity (it keeps sending push messages, anyway!),
  • After you select the items, it will scan the barcodes of the products,
  • It will automatically activate its NFC connection,
  • It will send an encrypted message to Visa for processing your registered card for the bill amount,
  • The app will process and complete the transaction.

Security aspects

What worries most people during online transactions is the safety of their personal data. Information about debit/credit card numbers, transaction passwords, etc. can be very easily detected by spyware and misused without your knowledge.

But Samsung Wallet app comes with an inbuilt security that eliminates this possibility. The security aspects of the app are separate from the storage part where your information is saved. This ensures that before your card details are forwarded for due process, the data is encrypted and rendered unreadable by spyware. Once your transaction is completed, the app will automatically log off the NFC connection for extra security.

Samsung has already partnered with Visa for wireless payments through Near Field Communication (NFC), although NFC capabilities are yet to be integrated into the application. The exact release date of Samsung’s Wallet app is still nebulous, but it is definitely going to be a major part of their Galaxy S IV smartphone that is scheduled for release this year.

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