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Ever since computers came into play, companies have been continually creating different styles, models, and ways for the human race to enjoy computers.
The computers that are around today allows users to look up all sorts of information while they are out of the house, along with it gives them the ability to play games, watch movies, or even listen to music.

For marketers to keep up with the ever changing pace of technology, the time has finally come for them to focus on branching into the method of mobile Internet. The main way to keep their business on its toes is by creating applications (also known as apps). Since this form of mobility is still in early stages, not every marketer will be able to create their own apps. Good news? The mentality of a genius is not needed to create an application for one’s website. Keep on reading to find the perfect websites for how to create an app.

Methods for the Non-Computer Savvy

GoMo is a rather valuable site for the fact that GoMo can give the creator a preview of their website for the layout of smart phones. This site is great for websites looking to go mobile. GoMo not only offers displays of how the site should look, it will also refer any special resources needed to keep the site looking sharp and functioning at top performance levels.

The App Inventor Beta, AIB, is an application that is somewhat similar to GoMo, with the ability to preview their site on a smart phone. The biggest difference between GoMo and AIB is that with AIB the webmaster can actually work on the website while it is in smart phone view. This is a very easy-to-use process that lets those who are less tech-savvy to get in on the application bandwagon.
There is never anything wrong with a program that has a name stating everything it does, right? Well, thankfully, “My App Builder” lives up to that status: building apps. This program allows the webmaster to upload a blueprint-like view of the website (old design or completely new) and almost build the app on its own. There are some minor limitations that need to be fulfilled, but the end result is worth it.

For Our Technologically Savvy Readers

This is a great solution for any veteran in app building by giving the builder a complete set of app building tools to work with. Open Mobile IS has one goal in their minds: make the app creating process easier. The builder no longer has to have multiple tools up and running to make apps work; everything is all put together so the programmers can save time and effort.

Another great website for the seasoned programmers is PhoneGap. This website uses HTML5 to combine HTML and JavaScript to make any programmer feel at home when proceeding on building apps. A very user friendly website, PhoneGap is sure to make the app building process a quick and simple process.

Also in league with the PhoneGap and Open Mobile IS is Rhomobile. By using Ruby-based frameworks, Rhomobile lets the programmers do all the app processing on-line without the need for software installation. Rhomobile allows the programmer to use one code base to use on many different platforms with the help of plenty of app developing tools.

So whether a seasoned app programming veteran or a new business looking to jump in the world of mobile advertising and applications, these sites and apps listed above will help achieve the goal of stepping into the mobile world

Many developers believe that by the year 2013, phones will be used to get on-line more than desktop PCs. What better time to start pleasing the mobile universe than by getting the businesses virtual feet wet now while everyone is still learning?

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