Nokia X3 Touch and Type Design

Nokia X3 touch and type

On August 17th, Nokia has announced the Nokia X3 Touch and Type mobile phone, the first model combining a 12-button keypad and a touch display.

Nokia X3 Touch and Type main features

– Weight: 78 gram
– Dimentions: 106 x 48 x 9.6 mm
– 2.4 inch resistive touch display, 240 x 320 pixel resolution TFT, 262000 colours
– WiFi
– 3G and HSPA
– SMS, MMS, Email
– 50 MB memory, expandable up to 16 GB with microSD card
– 5 megapixel camera. Video recording QVGA at up to 20 fps
– Battery: 5 hours talktime and 17 days standby
– FM radio
– Bluetooth, USB and 3.5 mm AV connector
– Opera Mini web browser
– Operating system: Series 40 6th edition
– Twitter and Facebook applications

Nokia X3 Touch and Type comes in five colours – black, silver, blue, lavender and fuchsia, and will be available in selected markets in the 3rd quarter this year for 125 Euros.

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  1. poster original says:

    Nokia X3 is versatile mobile,new technology and easy to use.I love to use it as it is touch system mobile.

  2. wow! i am a huge fan of Nokia. I think nokia is the top on Battery backup and comes with bunch of features.

    • I love Nokia for the same reason, battery life is the most amazing feature in Nokia phones. I used Nokia E63 and E71 before and can’t believe that I could use the phones for over 2 days without charging. 😀

  3. Nokia make some great phones, and this one looks set to be another nice one, but to be honest I feel HTC are the king of smartphone design at the moment

    • Yeah, this one can’t be compared to HTC smartphone as their targets are different. Nokia X3 is set to be a cheap and cheerful handset, and only available in some selected markets.

  4. Nokia is my favorite smartphone that I have been with for nearly 10 years now :-)

  5. Nice phone, nice combination keypad with touch screen

  6. Nokia’s touch phone looks so awesome, i so want it 😛 ; Cost’s heaps though :(

  7. Nokia does make some pretty decent mobile. Nokia X3 Touch for 125 euros hmmph..

  8. I use E71. I love qwerty keyboard.

  9. It seems to be a nice phone. But one thing which I don’t like about it is it’s name. It’s so confusing with two X3s in the market but with different features. They could have used some other name for this one.

    • haha, sometimes I see Nokia names their products that way, for example Nokia E61 and Nokia E61i, I can’t remember which is which. Maybe it is an expanded version with some minor improvements, so they don’t want to change its name.

  10. ahh..nicely design and also a touch and type… but still prefer iphones..

  11. Looks sexy. I am planning to change my old 6233. Hope this will be an ideal choice for me.

  12. Finally, they launched this kind of design. Honestly, I don’t like any other brand of mobile phones aside from Nokia. My very first phone until with my latest phone now, it’s Nokia. I like the durability of Nokia. Like you, the battery life of Nokia is really amazing especially if you seldom use your phone.

    • That’s great. Most of my phones have been Nokia phones, they are not the best in new technologies but they always attract me. I just hope Nokia will invest more on its design and new features.

      • I’m not really into the design but the life span of it. If I remember it right, I owned a Nokia phone that last for more than 5 years I think. Up to now, it’s still functioning but difficult to use in text. Not bad at all cause I already dropped it several times! LOL

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