Nokia Rolls Out ‘Here’ Mapping Service

The Nokia Maps app comes free of cost saving some pennies of your hard earned money. Many of you would have enjoyed the free app instead of having to spend a lump sum of money to navigation solutions which would burn holes in your pocket. This week has witnessed the launch of a new product from the Finnish company Nokia. Nokia Corp. unveiled its new Mapping and Location service “HERE”.

HERE is nothing but an interesting platform based on locations and services customers. It is powered to work on the cloud services and also on an array of other operating systems and devices. HERE is the world’s first location map that works on cloud and delivers the best service across various operating systems and multiple screens.

Stephen Elop, the chief executive of Nokia stated that people are looking for great maps and HERE Nokia offers the best service to people so that they can share, discover and explore their world with high level confidence. He was also sure that 20 years of hard work that Nokia put in maps and locations can be easily accessed by everyone besides Nokia customers.

Nokia has started its battle with the already fighting comrades Google Maps and Apple Maps. And the best of all, Nokia has designed the HERE application for Apple gadgets like iPhones and iPads which run on iOS software. The HERE maps application for idevices is based on HTML 5 and they come with some thrilling features like direction of public transport, offline capabilities and walk navigation that is voice-guided. It is a known fact that Apple maps were a huge disaster. Many criticized Apple for omitting cities, key landmarks and the like. Apple maps also failed to identify the correct location which put them in a bad state.

Apple was clear about the consequences and encouraged its customers to use other alternatives for maps. Just at the right time Nokia has decided to roll out its mapping service. Apple customers keep a close watch on the app store in Apple. HERE maps which can be downloaded for free will become available to you in the coming weeks. However, whether it will survive the competition with Google maps is still unknown. Michael Halbherr, the executive VP of Nokia who is in charge of “HERE” states that it is difficult to get the maps right. But once set right, the idea is revolutionizing and the technology makes it possible to connect to any part of the world within fractions of a second. He mentions that Nokia will keep investing on maps to evolve into the world’s best and powerful location service company.  Nokia has a strong belief in this “HERE” platform.

Nokia has also disclosed that it is partnering with the famous browser Mozilla Firefox and acquiring Earthmine so that customers can enjoy 3-D views of their Nokia map. Computational mapping was stressed by the Nokia executives because it is capable of generating a variety of maps from the cloud based services. Looking at the importance that different companies give for mapping, it is emerging into an application that plays an important role in mobile computing.

You need to be aware that Nokia purchased the U.S. based Navteq digital map maker company way back in 2008. Although Nokia has lost the battle in mobile phones with Apple and Android, my instinct says that they are not ready to give up on the maps application. What do you think?

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