Why my blog wouldn’t reach the Alexa’s top 100,000 this year?


Nowadays, Alexa rank is not considered an accurate ranking metric anymore as many publishers are spending tools and services to boost Alexa stats. It now becomes the most easily manipulated ranking system, some service providers even guarantee that they could secure a 10,000 or above ranking for its customers. Alexa also confirmed that the traffic data is based on the set of Alexa Toolbar users and traffic data obtained from other, diverse sources, which may not be a representative sample of the global Internet population.

However, Alexa rank is still widely used and respected as it could give more weight to selling ads or trading links. So it is very important to take care of Alexa rank and implement effective methods to improve it. I noticed that the rank of my blog hasn’t been improved significantly this year although Google Analytics shows that its traffic increases day by day. It makes me more disappointed as I see many other blogs with less visits could reach Alexa’s top 100k or even top 40k. I didn’t know what I have done wrong with my blog and I haven’t got the answer till now.

Visit stats from my blog this month

I’ve done some searches to solve this problem and below are the most probable reasons:

  • I don’t install Alexa Toolbar. As Alexa collects most data from users who have installed Alexa toolbar in their browsers, I could have lost much traffic being tracked.
  • Alexa says that traffic rankings of 100,000 and above should be regarded as not reliable. The lower the Alexa rank number, the higher the popularity of the site, and the more accurate the blue bar will be. So, maybe it underestimates the actual traffic to my blog.
  • The traffic source is not Alexa-friendly. Most of this blog’s visits come from Google and these landing pages are content related to small computer and internet tips for amateurs, so it is likely that most of them don’t install Alexa Toolbar and these visits are not counted.
  • It is affected by the Long Tail effect. On the web there is a very large number of sites with low traffic, so the rank could continue increase but the changing speed will be slower than before.
    long tail

Those are all probable reasons that are affecting my Alexa ranking. I really want to hear more opinions about how you are dealing with it to improve your website’s rank and do you think it is still important these days?

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  1. Tuan, I think Alexa is very unreliable. I’ve seen it give a higher number to one of my blogs that gets 5 times the traffic of a blog with a lower number.

    And I agree about the long-tail effect. The lower your Alexa number gets, the tougher it is for it go even lower.

    • Thanks for sharing your opinion, John.
      It makes me more confident that I am not doing anything wrong with my blog. Maybe I won’t care much about the Alexa ranking and just let it be for a while.
      About the long tail effect, I really could feel how hard to compete with stronger websites now.

  2. If you claim your site at Alexa and have people write good reviews about your site on Alexa your rank should improve.

    • Thanks Hunter for your suggestion.
      However, it is very difficult to tell people to write reviews on Alexa. That will need more work and quality content so that readers are totally satisfied with my blog.

  3. I wouldn’t worry too much about Alexa, personally i couldn’t give a toss if i was in the top 100,000 or not, i never think about it, and never have an opinion on a site on it’s alexa ranking

    Your traffic stats are good and consistent, more than what can be said for my blogs!

    • I just set top 100,000 as a milestone for my blog as they say that statistics of my site will be more accurate then.
      This rank is maybe not reliable but it still gives me more inspirations to maintain my blog and know that my blog is on the right track.
      Thanks Robert for your comment. :)

  4. I have to agree with Hunter, since my blog has gained reviews on Alexa it has improved it’s ranking to the point of breaking the 60,000 mark.

    • Thanks Karen,
      You have done a really good job for your blog.
      I will try to encourage readers to write a review for my blog although it is not easy. I just wonder how these reviews could affect the ranking. Anyways, I will give it a try.

  5. Try installing SearchStatus Firefox plugin instead off Alexa toolbar. I does the same thing, and more. You can also try adding one of those Alexa widgets.

  6. The best way to improve your alexa rank is write about blogging since the readers usually install the alexa toolbar on their web browser. :)

    • Yeah, I see the number of users installing Alexa toolbar has decreased dramatically these years. For example, there are only about 14% of US internet users that have installed the toolbar. I will try writing more blogging content for webmasters in the upcoming time. :)

  7. Hi Tuan, Truly I don’t think Alexa Ranking will get affected by the Alexa Toolbar. I don’t use alexa toolbar, alexa widget or anything in my blog or in the browser, still my alexa ranking is rocketing. I am still researching on this topic. When I find the exact thing associated with the Alexa stuff, I will post it in my blog for sure.

    • Hi Sathish,
      I really admire the way you are boosting Alexa rank for your blog. I believe it will reach top 20k this year.
      I am looking forward to your post about this. Thanks.

    • Sathish,

      But your visitors will have alexa toolbar installed browser. Thats why your rank in rocking. Mostly the people related to web development will have this tool bar and you are covering this topic on your blog. With the both combination its working well for you.
      Have nice work.

      @Tek3D, Thanks for your post. Even I dont bother Alexa rank.

  8. Hi Tuan,
    All I can tell you is that I have the alexa widget and toolbar installed and my ranking does improve. I think the key is to get more unique visitors and have the widget installed.

    • Thanks for your nice comment, Richard.
      I don’t see many blogs have alexa widgets on their sites but they still have high ranks, so it can’t be an important reason. I will try to drive more traffic to my blog and check the result.

  9. And even i noted that alexa rank can decrease also. I mean if a blog alexa rank is 50,000 it can go to 60,000 and 70,0000 so on.
    I saw several blogs whos alexa rank is going in the opposite direction.

    • Yeah, the rank can’t fluctuate by chances. If we don’t care and drive traffic to our sites, their ranks will soon decrease. That’s why I am trying to post new post everyday so that it could attract more readers.
      Thanks for you comment.

  10. I don’t care about Alexa ranking either, but people who want to put ads will pay attention on this.

    I just removed my alexa’s widgets, because it slowed down my blog somehow.

    And i guess it does not affect Alexa’s rank either.

  11. Hello Tuan,

    While installing their toolbar is supposed to help it is not essential. I do not use it and while maybe it would help it doesn’t seem to have hurt.

    The key to more traffic and lower Alexa ranks is better search engine positions and the key to that is high quality incoming links from related sites.

    Getting your Alexa under 50,000 is no big trick. Join our blogging collaboration and we can make that happen.

    • That’s a good suggestion, Gail.
      I’ve just visited your site and found some information about the SBC, is it the blogging collaboration you are referring to?

  12. Hey Tuan , why dont you install alexa toolbar ? Or better is add alexa widget badge on your blog . In this way , Alexa will count hits .
    My 2 month old blog just reached top 100000 yesterday . That was because i have added alexa widget on my blog .Hope you will do so 😛

    • I installed Alexa Toolbar for a week and see some changes in the rank, I will continue keep track of it. I don’t want to add alexa widget to my blog as I think it is not necessary and readers wouldn’t find it useful, moreover, sometimes it could affect the loading speed.

      That’s surprising, I couldn’t believe you reach the top 100,000 so fast. Congrats. :)

  13. English blog is one of more reasons.

  14. Hey Tuan, I’m surprised to see that you’re not satisfied with your Alexa rank. :(
    I installed the Alexa extension for Chrome after I got the advice from Karen @BlazingMinds. It seems to work for me and it’s real easy to compare the rank each morning. I also use SEO Site Tools extension to track everything from Google, Bing and Yahoo! all the way to Compete, Quantcast and the rest of it. It’s not that I’m real concerned but I agree with what you said, and it’s so encouraging to watch my blog make progress.

    I know that you write about mobile and gadgets a lot and I wonder if that has any impact one way or another. If people are coming to your site on cell phones it’s very possible that Alexa isn’t doing a good job tracking them. That’s something you might want to look into because I can’t say I ever see too much on the topic.

    I’m sure you can easily check mobile traffic to your site in Google Analytics.

    One more point, I would love to write a review for your blog on Alexa real soon. Please remind me if you don’t see it by the weekend. OK?

    Thanks my friend and have a great day!

    • Hi Ileane,
      I don’t use Chrome as my default browser, so I tried installing Alexa Toolbar. After 1 week, the rank of my site has increased from 140k to 122k and it hasn’t fluctuated like before. I doubt that Alexa doesn’t really track data from our site, instead, they just collect data from alexa toolbars or widgets and then do some interpolation methods to make data for our sites. And as most of my readers don’t install Alexa toolbar, I guess this is the main reason for this problem.

      Thanks very much for the review, I will remind you for sure. 😀
      Nice day, Ileane.

      • Tuan, I posted the review on Alexa I don’t know how long it will take to appear so here’s what I wrote:

        Tek3d.org is a powerful resource for bloggers, tech enthusiast and mobile phone users. I highly recommend that anyone interested in keeping up with cutting-edge trends in the area of blogging and social media subscribe to this blog. I visit the blog 2 or 3 times a week and I’m amazed at the fresh ideas and content that I find here which is unique from other blogs. I always find out about a new tool, service or product that will help me or that I can pass along to my friends. The blog is well written, organized and loads very quickly. Tek3D.org has CommentLuv and DoFollow plugins installed which show that this blogger is eager to interact with his community and welcome new readers. The design of the blog is clean and easy to navigate, so I give it a five star rating.

        • Oh, thanks so much Ileane. It is very kind of you not forgetting the review.
          I really appreciate your review, it is too good for my site. I will be very happy to see it appear on Alexa. :)

  15. Hey Tuan,

    Thanks for posting this up. I’ve seen some blogs putting up their traffic stats for the month and I’m not sure why their rankings are higher than mine. Didn’t know that Alexa rankings of more then 100k are not accurate at all.

    I hate the though of installing toolbars, because it just clogs out the space on my browser. Hmm, but yeah thx for sharing this useful tip, you’ve finally answered one of my biggest questions on rankings.

    • Welcome Bryan,
      I can guarantee that Alexa ranking is not an accurate metric at all, so you shouldn’t worry about why other blogs with less visits are ranked higher.
      Just continue what you are doing. :)

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