Marketing and advertising to children

advertising to children

Advertising targeting children is one of the most potential markets as children have become an important market for many companies these days. As a result, there are many advertisements produced for children. These advertisements require a number of techniques so as to draw children’s attention. This article will describe three common techniques, namely cartoon characters, advergaming and free offers.

Firstly, cartoon characters is a popular technique used by advertisers. These cartoon characters are designed carefully so that they can appeal to children. Advertisers often use well-known characters from comics, books or cartoons to advertise their products. Besides, many advertisers have created their own cartoon characters successfully. An example of this is Zoozoo characters in the famous series of Vodafone commercials. Vodafone’s advertisers created simple and funny characters to advertise their mobile services including useful services for teenagers.

Advergaming has become an effective method recently. The term “advergaming” refers to a technique using video games to advertise products. As the number of children using computer and playing games is increasing dramatically, advertisers are attaching special importance to this technique. They use some advergaming methods like branding, cross promotion, product placement or virtual billboards. For instance, in “Need for speed”, a racing game, when players race cars along the road, they can see many virtual billboards of different brands such as Old Spike or Burger King.

The final technique described in this article is using free offers, also known as giveaways or premiums. Free offers for children often are toys, comics or CDs which are given to them so as to promote the main products. An illustration of this is free offers of Orion company, plastic toys are contained in every box so that children can collect and play with them. This technique is extremely effective with children as they are usually delighted at these giveaways.

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