iPhone 6 LCD Screens are Supplied by Toshiba


Toshiba is pouring about $ 1.2 billion to build a factory producing LCD screens for the 6th generations of Apple’s iPhone. According to the Nikkei, Apple also contributes capital to this project.

The factory is expected to be constructed in early 2011 and started production 6 months later. This time is quite reasonable because maybe Apple will release the iPhone 6 in mid-2012. Toshiba’s plant will produce 9.55 million low-temperature polysilicon LCD panels per month, we haven’t got details about the resolution of the screen.

Previously, Apple cooperated with LG in the production of the iPhone and iPad screens. The recent iPhone 4 used the 640×960 Retina Display to help smooth image and provide high contrast. However, the Korean company was facing serious shortages of the advanced screens as the market for iPhone is too big. This maybe lead to the new cooperation between Apple and Toshiba.

Take a look at the iPhone 6 concepts by Archil Vardidze:


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  1. The concept design is very very bad.

  2. Very bad design for a Apple iPhone concept.

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