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Since the advent of iPhone in 2007, it has been the most interesting mobile device for users for offering a wide range of applications and features. These include tools for your cars and vehicles along with applications to monitor your health, business apps and of course a wide range of games. You could freely download these applications from the App Store of Apple, the best resource for these things. You could see countless developers coming up with interesting tools and application for iPhone devices for different purposes. Using these apps and tools simply make the users smart and efficient, which was really not possible earlier. Though you could find a wide range of apps and tools for iPhone, however, a few of these are both interesting and questionable in terms of nature and design, which you will find here in the following paragraphs. Let’s check them out:

Baby Shaker

This application is incredible in terms of posing pranks with the help of a cute baby found in blankets. Baby Shaker was developed by a company called Sikalosoft in 2009, which is basically a virtual based infanticide played simply when you start shaking up your iPhone device to see the baby in it coming up with cuddly eyes changing its color by the red Xs. The red color simply symbolizes that you have killed the baby now, whereas your entire performance over the infanticide is recorded by the timer over this application telling your victory story. However, with this game, lots of outcry was seen from different camps, compelling Apple to remove this particular application from the AppStore followed by a written apology from the company. Yet, you could find the same from other sources and download over your iPhone devices.

Face Melter

This application helps in contorting, stretching and liquefying some of your favorite pictures and you could have fun with your friends and family. Face Melter is designed by a developer known as Nico Becherer and it helps in converting any picture into the reminiscent character found in Harry Potter movie. Once you experiment with your friends’ picture, you are free to share it with others. You could try a number of goofy things over your friends’ photos using a number of tools found in this application. Unlike the software Photoshop, this application too has no limits speaking in terms of creativity. Hence with Face Melter your iPhone device becomes your canvas and you put down all your imagination and creativity to come out with some masterpiece and share with your friends all over the web. This goofy application is a paid tool, which could be procured ranging from 0.99 to 1.99 dollars as per your requirements.

Atomic Fart

Farts simply have no limits to fun and entertainment. Atomic Fart is an application wherein you could find a wide range of fart collection in your sound box. You could find more than 30 different fart sounds in this application. At a particular time in this application can help you in setting a particular fart and keep it beside your friend to see the reaction when the fart sound comes from his or her end. This application is a big hit among the teenagers and young people, who leave no stone unturned to have fun with different fart sounds. The basic version of Atomic Fart comes for free, but it has several limitations. Hence coming out with the paid version for around 1 dollar, you could enjoy better features, which can help you in getting the best of the fun from this application.


This interesting application simply helps in venting out your frustration over your nagging teacher or boss using the Voodoo doll in it. Using iVoodoo you could easily end up creating to the maximum of 5 different dolls and end up pasting the pictures of people whom you liked or disliked the most and thus simply add a virtual magic over it. You could think of inserting pin in order to showcase several feelings like success, love and power. By having fun with faces, it can help in busting your stress, which you get at your workplace. iVoodoo is both weird and strange application and hence promises you to get the best of the fun.

Ruben & Lullaby

As the name of this application suggests that you have two characters called Ruben (man) and Lullaby (woman) in it. You could easily control your emotions of these two characters. This application was designed in 2009 and is popular among the young crowds especially the love birds. You can make any of the character sad or happy and could even regulate their interactional situations. The artwork and graphics found in Ruben & Lullaby are incredible and thus have made it popular among people of different age groups as well.

Final word

If you are keen to have fun and serious kind of laughter, consider trying any of the above applications. These are simply interesting and questionable in nature, which can really help you bust your stress and enjoy with your friends.

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