HTC Desire HD’s Review

htcsense-com is one of the most expected features of recent HTC smartphones. For anyone doesn’t heard about it, is a cloud-based service that give you access your HTC device remotely, you can see the location of your phone, lock or erase all data when it is stolen. Moreover, it is also the place to back up contacts, messages and media.

Honestly, this feature is so alluring that I had to get the HTC Desire HD to try it. At this time, only offers 6 functionalities:

  • Phone Finder
  • Forward calls
  • Forward messages
  • Make phone ring at full volume
  • Lock Phone
  • Erase Phone

I’ve tested all of them and here are the results:

Phone Finder can’t locate my phone and it says “Phone finder is currently disabled. For security reasons, go to your phone to enable this feature in Settings >> Location >> Phone finder”. Of course I turned on this feature but it still can’t work.

Forward calls and Forward messages don’t work really well, they omitted some calls and messages in my test.

Make phone ring at full volume is maybe the only completed feature of HTCSense. It works really well and even you can still hear it rings loudly when I turn the phone to silent mode. However, when I turned off 3G connection, the phone stopped ringing. Most of the time, I turn off the connection to save battery life and avoid additional charges, so this is kind of inconvenient for Desire HD’s users.

The Erase Phone and Lock Phone functionalities don’t work also. When I click on Lock Phone button and fill in some information, HTCSense says my phone is locked but it is not, I can still use the phone as normal.

At the moment, HTC is in development for use in a near future, so we can’t use most of its features properly. HTC could make the difference to other manufactures if they can complete, so now let’s see how they will develop it.

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  1. I haven’t tried but I’m pretty sure that you have to make sure your phone is online using 3G all the time. However the network coverage in our country is not absolutely good, isn’t it?

    Anyway, I believe that HTC has to do a lot of things to make its cloud based service stable, or at least, usable.

    • Yeah, the now is lacking a lot of functionalities like they advertised a few months ago. And the available ones are not stable at all, what a big disappointment for us. This is absolutely not the problem of the network. :(

  2. I have been using HTC DHD for close to 2months now. Until now HTCSense is not working.
    Login problems, unable to connect to the phone, etc. Wrote to HTC, their reply was the are “enhancing” the functionality of the HTCSense, but in reality is: It is not enhancement, because HTCSense is just not working as promised.
    Try to use “Lookout”, it is a much much better apps and its free. What a dissapointment of HTC.

    • Yeah, I was a bit disappointed as I expected very much in It is a very important factor for me to decide getting this phone. Hopefully everything will go well in the next few months.

  3. many users complained about disappeared all the sms message from their inbox. Blame to ????

  4. Reinhard Holzner says:

    Hi, it would be great if you could write about our tool, Theft Aware – which is by ways better than HTC Sense (imho). We are already working on web interface and our current beta also includes call and sms forwarding. Give it a try :-)

    PS: this is a review by Android Police hope you like it:

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