Google Plus App’ for Android Updated with New Features

Google, the Internet giant, ventured in to the social network platform by introducing Google+. Google+ might not be as popular as Facebook and other leading social networking sites, but Google is not yet ready to give up. With the large number of Android users, Google has decided to include twenty four new features to the Google+ Android App. The new features are designed to meet the needs of almost every individual who holds an account with Google+. Let us take a quick look into some of the new significant features:

Google Plus Android App

Let us begin with the Google Plus Android App which has undergone a few major changes. Customers are now provided the facility to edit their respective profiles in Android App. The all new streamlined functionalities make it easy for you to publish new content. Google+ has finally adopted a few ideas from its rivals like Twitter and Facebook. It will send notification alerts to customers when they receive fresh posts from circles.

The new update has also brought the Google+ communities together paving way for better interaction. Google+ customers are now liberal to publish new posts, comments and also view content published by community members via Android phones.

Google has brought a new twist by minimizing the unlimited photo storing facility and allowing images of any size to be loaded on Google+. The free storage has been drastically reduced to 5GB. Instead, the feature “Photo Sphere” from Google has been adopted in Google+ Android. Customers can relish creating 360d panoramic pictures and upload those images to their profiles.

Some of the minor additions include emoticons also known as “moods”. Emoticons are used to express your emotions and it is a widely sought after feature. It is hard for me to type a message or a comment without an emoticon.

Google+ Events

A handful of changes have been made to this feature. Google+ Events turns into a new platform where you can organize get-togethers and other events during holidays. If you are organizing an event, this app can be used to send text messages to selective guests and also view members who have opened the invitation. These types of invitations can be sent in two different ways:

  • Invitations can be sent through Google+
  • Event URLs  can be sent through channels like email, Facebook and others

Such events can be reproduced and then auto-filled if you are planning for a similar kind of event later.


Hangouts is getting two new upgrades, making it user-friendly.

  • The “group video chat” feature now requires only a bandwidth of 150KB. Now, that makes it easy for you to stay connected with anyone anywhere. Even if you have a poor internet connection in certain places, you can still manage to stay connected with almost 9 friends at the same time. That sounds like a brilliant idea!
  • Do you frequently use Google Hangouts while on air? The thumbnail, which appears when you are the sole person present in Hangouts is removed. The video is now designed to be displayed in full screen filling up the wasted white space. The ‘live stream broadcast” feature can now be viewed on full screen. Isn’t that exciting?

Other new features in Google+ are minor changes like:

  • The layout appears in magazine style pleasing the eyes of the viewer
  • Photos can be automatically shared to Events, which are in Party Mode
  • Images can be synced from your Android phone to a special Google+ Album by turning on the “Instant Upload” option
  • Trending topics can be viewed on “What’s hot stream”

The reviews that these new features have received are excellent. Reviews mostly speak about the rate at which the app works. The speed has been improved to a great extent. The huge display screen is largely appreciated. Most of the customers have given the renovated app a 5 star rating. I think Google+ has impressed the public to a certain extent and to know the exact details, we need to wait a little longer.

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