Google is Testing Live Updating of Search Results

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In recent days Google has been testing a new form of search result that will change as you enter a new letter into the search query bar.

The results are essentially a streaming search page that uses Google Suggest technology to change the search results as you change what you are typing.

For example, if you are to start typing something like “life i” it may show the search results for the search term “life insurance.” If you delete the “i” and start typing “life c” then it will show results for the search term “life coach.” This is all without hitting enter as you normally do when searching for topics on Google. Look at the video demonstration below:

Google is known to do a lot of testing with it’s search results and this is one of many recent steps towards delivering faster and more relevant results. According to a Google representative, Gabriel Stricker, the company can be running as many as 200 search experiments at a time and this is one of them.

The first person to take notice of this new SERP is Rob Ousbey, who mentioned it on his blog at

The story was later confirmed by TechCrunch after contacting the Google representative. Sources close to Google are apparently type lipped on whether they would be integrating this feature into the results in the near future. Because Ousbey is one of the very few people to notice this it is safe to assume it is being tested on a very small fraction of Google users.

It’s been suggested that limited bandwidth or CPU may cause issues with this new live search technology. There are also questions as to how this will integrate with Google’s Ad Words program.

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  1. cool now there will be no use if the word u are searching is been listed..
    go google go!!

  2. I like this because I have an amazing computer but anyone that has a crappy computer will experience lag while doing this. Especially if they have a few tabs open and are doing other things on their pc.

    I had lag with my iphone 3 when Google would do the drop down suggestions as I typed I hate it.

    • Yeah, I can feel some lags when this feature is used in an old computer or bad Internet connection. The whole page is totally different with each change, so I don’t think it will work well with slow connection.
      Btw, thanks for your retweet, Brian :)

  3. I cannot much when it comes to the usefulness of this except for that it removes having to refresh the page. Maybe google analytics for them doesn’t like the billions of hits they are getting each day xD

    • lol, this is still in experiment and I hope it will not be rolled out as many computers with slow CPU wouldn’t run it smoothly. 😀

  4. google rocks all the time..Great update and great share.

  5. This will bring more fresh results and there is every chance for a new blog with good contents to be listed in the search engine soon. Love you Google.

    • Maybe you’ve misunderstood the concept of live updating search result. It means search result pages will change immediately based on what you type on search box and we don’t need to press enter to reload the page and get results. Check out the video for more details.

  6. Yes you are true, YouTube is best video sharing website, because YouTube is a lightly no much streaming time rather than other sites.

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