Display Related Posts with Thumbnails in WordPress

Related Posts with Thumbnails

If you visited my site regularly, you would notice that I had used a widget from Linkwithin to display related posts with thumbnails. I always want to show some relevant posts below a particular post because I think it can keep readers engaged with my blog, increase the traffic and decrease the bounce rate at the same time. I was very happy as Linkwithin did a pretty good job. However, I soon realized some downsides of this widget.

Firstly, when readers click on related posts, the widget will redirect to their website before going to my posts, it happens very fast as you could haven’t noticed it.

That is not the only disadvantage of this widget. Sometimes, Linkwithin’s server has problems with connecting, so it makes the loading speed of my site quite slower and it can’t continue loading for a while. In this case, related posts can’t be displayed.

Lastly, they said that related posts are chosen based on several factors, including title, tags, and content but I am totally unsatisfied with the posts displayed. They have nothing to do with the content of the article.

Those are the reasons why I had to remove the Linkwithin widget from my site and find an alternative solution. I have found many ways to display thumbnails for related posts. And I will introduce 2 of the best solutions:

  1. If you like Linkwithin and want to build a similar related posts section, visit this tutorial from Build Internet to create related posts with thumbnails. You can choose to style your related posts in any way by customizing the CSS code.
  2. If you don’t want to edit template files, you can make use of Wp-Thumbie plugin. This plugin will display related posts with thumbnail image automatically in content and feed.

If you know any other solutions, please share with us in the comment section below.

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  1. Those related posts thumbnails look cool. Does this affect the page load time too much?
    .-= Selurus´s last blog ..Theme Trials =-.

    • Yes, I’m sure these thumbnails will draw more attention of readers. With just 4 small images, the loading time can’t be affected much. :)

  2. Adding thumbnails to related posts is a good idea and increases the chances people will get to your older posts as well.
    You can also check out the “no plugin” approach introduced here http://www.wpbeginner.com/wp-themes/how-to-add-related-posts-with-a-thumbnail-without-using-plugins/
    However, it may have less accurate related posts than the plugin you are using
    .-= Omer Greenwald´s last blog ..My First 45 Days of Blogging =-.

  3. Yes, thanks for your tip.
    In my first solution, it also doesn’t use plug-in to show thumbnails, YARPP Plugin is to find related posts only. :)
    .-= Tek3d´s last blog ..How to Make a 3D Animation =-.

  4. HuynhTrung from hutruc.com says:

    You can use linkwithin.com to display Related Posts with Thumbnails
    .-= HuynhTrung@hutruc.com´s last blog ..Loại bỏ Autop trong Wordrpess =-.

    • Yes, linkwithin could do the job but there are some problems as I refered in the post.
      I’m sure you don’t want to make the loading time slower. :)

  5. Nice Plugin dude. Thanks for sharing. Presently i am using linkwithin.
    .-= Pavan Kumar´s last blog ..How to change the Plesk Server repository backup directory path? =-.

  6. Thanks Pavan. I’ve just visited your site but I don’t see the Linkwithin plugin.

  7. They are looking great and attractive too!

    But don’t you think they are giving sense of advertisements?

    Have you studied the conversion rate? Are the readers actually clicking on those images?

    It would be nice to learn if you share a bit about it.

    • I don’t think it looks like ads. My site is just a personal blog, so I don’t study conversion rate. But I see that the pageviews/visitor rate has increased by over 50% since I placed the thumbnails.
      It will take more time to have a more precise statistic but now I’m satisfied with this :)

  8. Nice post! I am sure it will help you get more pageview 😛
    .-= Peter´s last blog ..Ultra File Search- free tool help you search file more easily in Windows. =-.

  9. very nice,
    any way we can use linkwithin :)
    .-= Robin Benedict´s last blog ..Kaspersky License Key & Activation Code =-.

  10. I’m looking for this.. I guess I’m just gonna use the plugin.. 😀 are you kaskuser?
    .-= Sehat´s last blog ..Want a Healthy Heart? Eat Chocolate 6 Gram/Day! =-.

  11. Tuan, I was searching for tips about LinkWithin when I saw this post on Google. You’re ranking well for this. Now that I see all the issues you have with the plugin I plan to take your advice and go with WP-Thumbie. I installed it but I have a question for you, how do you get the thumbnails to go away?

    • Thanks Ileane, I didn’t notice this post has high rank on Google as I don’t see many visits from it.
      About the WP-Thumbie, you can’t remove thumbnails because it is the main function of this plugin. If you just want to display related posts with excerpts, you should use the “Contextual Related Posts” or “YARPP” plugin.
      I am using the “Efficient Related Posts” because I just want to show titles of these posts.
      Hope this helps. :)

  12. I used Linkwithin for first few days , but i was just unable to remove the backlink to linkwithin home page . Thus my blog was giving every backlink to linkwithin , thats why i moved to YARPP , its smarter than Linkwithin with more productive features with just thumbnails characteristic !
    Thats what i am waitinf for 😉

    • Yeah, that’s also what I experienced, Linkwithin is a big disappointment for us. Now I moved to a simple related post plugin after using the YARPP. I had some problems with displaying related posts with this plugin, especially in some old posts. Have you checked your posts for this problem?

  13. Dude , which problem are you getting with YARPP ? Its running fine on my blog , even on old posts . What i think is , that you need to check the options in the setting of YARPP . Because there are lots and lots of options to choose form , i have enabled this plugin for only posts but not pages . Maybe there might be an option you must have missed / unchecked , check it once again you , will surely find solution :)

    • This problem happens on just very few posts. On these posts, there are some errors that appear on the top of my site and it takes very long to load completely.
      I set as the default options, so I guess I haven’t done anything wrong. :)
      I read in the FAQ of this plugin and they said that this plugin could slow down my blog too, so maybe the problem happened in the process.

  14. I am just using YARPP plugin and custom a new template to display it as well, with one thumbnail and link.

  15. I don’t think it looks like ads. My site is just a personal blog, so I don’t study conversion rate. But I see that the pageviews/visitor rate has increased by over 50% since I placed the thumbnails.

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