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The Internet is fueled by blogs. Blogging is an essential element in adding fresh content to the Internet for readers and search engines. One problem blog authors often find themselves up against is lack of blog comments. Take a look at the number of unique visitors to your blog and then compare that to the number of actual comments left. Shocking?

Probably not, as the number of people that actually comment pales in comparison to visitors of almost every blog. As bloggers, we thrive on comments. Why? Because at the heart of this medium is interaction. Blogging is conversational, it’s casual, and it’s easy-going. But in order to maintain it, you have to feel like you’re talking with someone, not just talking to someone. So, how can you encourage people to interact with you? We’ve gathered a few blogging tips to help you connect with your readers and get a conversation going.

Make it Easy

One of the easiest problems to fix when it comes to blog interaction is ease of commenting. If a reader has to join a site, log in or jump through any other hoop, chances are they will probably comment. Why make it that hard? Encourage people to engage with you, your blog and other readers by making the comment process easy.

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

If you don’t respond to comments, people will be less likely to leave a comment of their own. You have to demonstrate an emotional investment in the conversation – after all, if you’re not interested in discussions with others, why should they be?

You Covered It – All of It

The best way to encourage people to interact is to ask a question. Finish up what you have to say by asking what others would have done, what they have done, what they think, etc. Let’s face it – as much as you’d like to think so, you don’t have all the answers. If you cover all the bases in such an authoritative way that no one feels they can add to the conversation, they won’t.

The Comment Section is a Battlefield

As the blog author and administrator, it is unfortunately your job to mediate. If your comment section is usually filled with people who like to argue (which is different than discussion) it will likely scare others off. No one wants to be ganged up on, no one wants to walk into a minefield – it’s your job to help keep the conversations moving forward and encourage others to contribute.


It’s OK to talk about potentially polarizing topics. If you are a mom blogger, feel free to jump into the arena with your take on co-sleeping or cloth diapering – be honest, it’s your blog. Be respectful of others but present your side, as you see it. Now, sit back and get ready for opposing points of view – they’re always out there, and that’s a good thing. Blogging is a great way to learn about others if you are open to it.

Don’t Live in Your Own Bloggy Bubble

Let’s face it, if you only live in your own little bloggy bubble – the one that happens on your blog – it will be limited to a few people and probably never grow. Just like real-life, you have to be social, so get out there and socialize! Leave comments on other people’s blogs – most of the time your username will link to your own blog and others might click to investigate. By doing this, you are stimulating and contributing to the conversation.

If you want comments, you need readers. The best tip of all is to write interesting, engaging content. After that, follow the blogging tips above to boost your blog comments and encourage your readers to interact with you and each other.

About Diane Johnson

Diane Johnson graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in political science. When she's not traveling she enjoys writing articles about Grand Canyon University, reading books and blogging.

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  1. Hey Diane,
    You right it’s important to socialize by leaving comments in other marketer’s blogs.Controversy can be good and bad. It can bring lots of visitors depending on the topic. As you said your blog should not become a place for arguments.

    • I agree, people need to be respectful of each others comments because everyone has their own opinion.

    • Healthy discussion is great and to be encouraged – it is arguing and attacking that is to be avoided. I’d love to believe people are above all that nonsense, but in the real world we just have to guard against it in our own blogs.

  2. Hey Daine,
    Great tips for engaging readers in our blog. I think one of the most important factor that affects the amount of comment on the blog is the quality of the content. Also the blogger needs to comment on other blogs as well as reply to comments in his blog to have a more engaging community.


    • Content is definitely the key to a successful blog. If people like what you write about, they are more likely to come back and visit. And it’s just common courtesy to reply back to your readers.

  3. Yes, the bubble is a thing, a blogger needs to move out to networks and collaborate. Otherwise he’ll be shouting into a cave. Most of your points here focus on commenting, which is very important for discussion and engagement. Good show!

  4. Thanks for the reminder on some of those tips, Diane.

    I know I have been to a few blogs where I have tried to comment but after 3 attempts I give up and they never know my thoughts on their post. There really is no reason for it to be hard to leave comments – the software is there and waiting! I have suggested to people that they log out and then try to leave a comment in their own blog to see what is like for readers – it can be a surprise for some bloggers.

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  6. Another thing is you should allow all to comment in your blog and post it. Some blog does not allow to post immediately which also distract readers to comment on your post.

  7. I love that sentence “If you want comments, you need readers” – well – that’s why we have to research our readers before writing :) another nice post

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