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This is a good news for your blog if you are earning money from Adsense. You may have worried that your site’s speed could be slower when you place those ads on your site. That’s the truth and Google is trying its best to improve this important factor. They have just announced that our sites with Adsense is now half a second faster than before.

To make the loading speed 30″ faster, Google had to optimize the JavaScript show_ads.js that is used to display relevant ads on your content. That means the loading speed of over 2 million websites with Adsense ads are now half a second or more faster. Instead of loading other scripts, analyzing web pages’ content and then building requests to Google, the new JavaScript creates a new iframe on the webpage and then runs similar script inside that iframe so that other elements of your web pages are not blocked. Therefore, the ads are displayed like normal and its speed is improved substantially.

If you have a site with heavy elements such as rich media, Facebook like box or social buttons, you can see the differences in its loading speed because the latency overhead of Adsense ads are got rid of. With the asynchronous Adsense implementation, you even can not realize the difference in loading speed when you do or do not place Adsense ads on your web pages.

We publishers don’t need to do anything to implement the new JavaScript because it is optimized directly on Google and replaces the old one. At the moment, Google said that it is only implemented on some popular web browsers. Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer 8 are in this list and we can expect more in the upcoming time.

Do you see your site get speed-up? What do you think about Adsense’s improvements recently?

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  1. Since my site is not that big…I didn’t notice any changes…But I really love the recent adsense improvements

    • Yeah, a second is difficult to distinguish. However, sometimes I have to access Internet with a low connection and I can see the difference more clearly.

  2. Is there any official news about it Tuan? If it is true, that will be another reason I will place GA on my blog soon.

    • Yeah, you can check out the news on Adsense. Here is their announcement:

      “AdSense ads, like any element on a webpage, usually contribute to the time the page takes to load. Last year, we ran tests that showed AdSense adding 12% on average to the time it took to load various pages from top web sites, so we set out to make this better. We’ve now developed a new ads delivery technique to improve the speed of websites that display AdSense ads, so that it doesn’t slow down your page content. We’re very happy to announce that we’ve eliminated this slowdown for the majority of websites and for a number of browsers, and are seeing pages load as much as a second faster than before.”

  3. Earlier, the google ads loaded in tandem with content.
    But, strangely now my content loads faster than adsense ads. For a second or so, the ads page is empty showing blank space. My ctr is down by 40 % :(

  4. It is a very good news since speed is included on the SERP these days.

  5. Tony @ Technology News says:

    Google Adsense find almost ways to improve itself.

  6. anyhow i havent earned anything from GA but as you said my site is loading faster than before.

  7. Tony @ Technology News says:

    Try to reach premium account, then you can custom ads by yourself.

    • lol, it is not that easy. I heard that our blogs must reach 20 million page views a month to get approved for the Adsense premium account.

      • Tony @ Technology News says:

        Correct. However if you can find the way to increase your traffic dramatically. Then there’s no hard.

  8. I did not Know about these changes to the Adsense Code until I seen this post being re tweeted by your friend @Tnsblog. But I did notice a good increase in Adsense Earnings since about the end of march this year. Another big change that I like is that you can now see where clicks are coming from with the new Geo Locations. This is an Important reporting feature as when you see low paying clicks on your site you start filtering advertisers and changing units when the real reason is that the clicks are coming from developing countries that is why the CPC is so low. About the speed of the Adsense units I did notice a little change and often wondered could I use a java scipt packer to compress my adsense code but was unsure about Java script compression and the Adsense TOS so I never tried it.

    • Hi Roezer.
      We shouldn’t touch the adsense code as it could violate Adsense TOS.
      I also see the increase in my adsense revenue this year. Btw, how do you view the performance of Google AdSense based on geo-location? Do you mean the feature of Google Analytics?

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