4 Factors in Choosing the Best Smartphone Interface

A smart phone spec sheet tells you very little about a smart phone’s functionality. This doesn’t stop some consumers from buying them based on just the stats, the price, or features of the camera. Once you actually try to use your new phone and can’t find the apps you need, buyer’s remorse can take hold.

The interface of a smartphone’s platform is the most important factor in deciding which smartphone to purchase. According to Business Week, 38% of smartphone customers make their purchase based on the platform. Though “features” ranked in at 32% as a deciding factor, 63% of survey respondents still ranked platform among the most important factors they consider.

Here are 4 ways to choose the best smartphone for you.

Smartphone UI Ease of Use
To understand the ease of use, you must simply try the interface out for yourself. Countless frustrations ensue when a smartphone’s interface is clunky or unmanageable. As the number of steps a task takes increases, so do the levels of frustration.

For example, if you’re new to smartphones, the website Elder Gadget praises the iPhone for ease of use. “It only has one button, the home button, and the rest of it works off a touch screen. Apps icons are color coded and arranged to help maximize identification. Overall, the design is quite intuitive; making calls and sending texts can be done in two to four clicks”

Smartphone UI Changeability
Once you get a working knowledge of your smartphone, you may want to adjust its function to be specific to your tastes and needs. For example, you may wish to streamline smartphone actions for the items you use the most. Give your favorite items priority. Is it music, social media, or email? Pick out your top five most used items and place them within easy access on your interface.

Ease of function plays a big part in how much you will enjoy your hardware. Make sure the smartphone you pick can be customized in a way that makes sense to you. In the case of Samsung’s new Galaxy S2, a reviewer for PC World even made a list of 5 things he hated about the phone, one of them being the clunky changeability for icons on this particular smartphone.

Eliminating Errors with a Smartphone’s UI
If you have child-sized thumbs, your mistakes will be held to a minimum with a smartphone. However, most of us don’t retain that sort of anatomy, so picking a phone with legible, larger sized icons will decrease user frustration enormously. Icons and keyboard buttons should engage without effort and be easy to find and understand.

For example, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Samsung Galaxy S2 both offer 4.3 inch screens that provides a usability edge over the iPhone’s 3.5 inch display. If you worry about a crammed interface, a larger screen may provide a slight edge for you.

Smartphone UI Familiarity
The more intuitive the smartphone interface is, the better your experience will be. Trimming down the learning curve at the onset is crucial. As you test out different interfaces, note the simplicity and elegance of the design: both form and function. If the navigation makes sense to you, stick with it. If it seems complicated, or illogical, keep up your search.

In the case of the iPhone, Gizmodo points out, “Apple is so fixated on maintaining a high level of user satisfaction and reduced frustration on the iPhone, they will bluntly admit to leaving out key smartphone features—particularly features that are either hard to implement in the UI, or require too much battery juice. The result is a pretty slick interface (with occasional glitches, yes, but fewer than others) that nevertheless leaves you wanting more.” This stripped down approach that focuses on ease of use may feel perfect for iPhone users, but may not work for smartphone customers used to more options.

Usually, people grow accustomed to a specific kind of interface and gravitate toward that in future purchases. Thus, Blackberry people stay Blackberry people, and Apple people stay Apple people most of the time, a trend confirmed by a Business Insider poll. What is most important is to get the best fit for your needs and personality.

A smartphone’s specs by themselves fall quite short of the mark when it’s time to pick out a smartphone that works for you. Test out the best smartphones to find out which interface provides the features that suit your lifestyle best. It won’t matter if you saved $20 or can store more pictures if you keep losing calls or can’t find the apps that you need on a cluttered interface.

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This guest post is written by Lior Levin, a marketing consultant for a company that works with physicians and patients to evaluate the likely effectiveness of new cancer treatments. Lior also consults for 123neonsigns, a neon sign store that provides custom made neon and led signs.

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