What future does Apple have given its latest iPhone flop

The legacy of the iPhone:

The iPhone brand was created by Apple Inc. and was the company’s first entrĂ©e into the then new smartphone genre. The first iPhone was released in June 2007 and introduced the world to the first commercially distributed fully fluid, touch based user interface. When it was unveiled, tech geeks gawped in awe as the phone was elegantly designed, and packed the latest in hardware specs of the time, coupled with the absence of a physical keyboard, it was unlike anything the world had ever seen. The phone has undergone various updates over the years, and five distinct generations have been released. These updates have always meant subtle improvements that are not usually apparent, to all intents; all generations of the iPhone mirror each other and have retained the same factor. The software is the only thing that actually bears signs of change, the basic layout and design remains the same.

Smartphones under $200

Smartphones have been around for a while! One of the first phones to popularize the smartphone trend was the Palm Treo. Many early adopters gravitated towards the Treo. It was one of the first phones to included email capabilities along with phone functions. However in 2007 the smartphone market was turned upside when Apple introduced the iPhone in 2007 and completely changed the market.

SSD vs. rotational hard drives


Rotational hard drives include hard drives of various form-factors, vendors, and characteristics. The information on these drives is stored through magnetization which upon read request is transformed into a set of bits. The magnetized spot of the disk surface is read as 1, while non-magnetized spot produces 0. SSD, short for Solid State Drive, is […]

7 Unique Yet Effective Ways To Generate Traffic

There are many ways of driving traffic to your blog. Tapping into some of those unique ways may enable you to get traffic faster without having to rely on more traditional methods.

Interesting questionable iPhone apps

Since the advent of iPhone in 2007, it has been the most interesting mobile device for users for offering a wide range of applications and features. These include tools for your cars and vehicles along with applications to monitor your health, business apps and of course a wide range of games. You could freely download […]

Favourite Android Apps


Here are some of the android apps I use for productivity, gaming and system optimization. Note that I only use the essentials as the more apps you have installed and are running, the less CPU and memory resources you have available. I also keep the number of widgets and apps on my home screen to […]